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Seb Derm - Need Advice (FAO: White Shark)

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sjhal12 Views: 1,031
Published: 4 years ago

Seb Derm - Need Advice (FAO: White Shark)

hi everyone i am looking for some help, would like some advice from white shark if possible

i will give a timeline of events to help you understand my situation (nb: i was C-section born too)

2009 - was drinking heavily - alot of times binge drinking, poor sleeping habits, poor diet (very bad lifestyle)

november 2014 - i started to develop alot of Acne on my back. I went to a dermatologist about this and he prescribed me 6 months
of Lymecycline (tetracycline anitbiotic). He told me diet had nothing to do it with etc as derms usually do. I also told the derm
I was starting 12 hour night shifts (which i was doing under an 8 month contract) and he told me i had nothing to worry

so I was taking 2 Antibiotic pills a day for 4-6 months, while wrecking my health on a 12 hour nightshift job. It
had no effect on my Acne it actually got worse with spots bleeding etc. This whole time I wrecked my circadian rhythem
and was eating very poor foods (microwave meals etc) I was also smoking too.

September 2015 - Up till this point I had no symptoms. I was fine. All my life I was able to eat what i wanted and get
away with little to no sleep. I then started to get very strange symptoms. The hair on my body started to thin rapidly.
after a few months i developed seb derm in my eyebrows and forehead. I had severe muscle cramps in my toes, and developed
ibs symptoms, Arthritis in my hands/fingers.

I went back to the doctor and told him the problems that I was having. He then took an ultrasound and said I had a few
small Gallstones but nothing major. He laughed when I told him all of the problems I was having saying it had nothing to
do with the medication I was taking. He was very patronising, and after this I realised I had to search for answers
for myself. only thing in the testing that came back was vitamin d deficiency which i retested recently and it came back normal range

I realised something had to change drastically. So I made some radical lifestyle changes:

- I started reading about candida/ Antibiotic side effects, started making sauerkraut kefir and taking

- took a while but I eat very clean 98% of the time - foods usually include salads soups meat brown rice. i do still eat
wheat sparingly in moderation. fruit, vegetables.

- I started looking into emotional healing. I was under a lot of stress at the time. I quit my nightshift job, and have
removed alot of people who were causing problems in my life.

- I still smoke weed occassionaly but not that much - more of a here and there thing. stopped drinking all alcohol

- stopped all fast foods and soda drinks

- I sleep relatively early around 9/10pm and wake up around 8am/9am latest. I have sleeping issues all my life
also had alot of sleep paralysis issues when i was drinking alot of alcohol - not sure if this connection is legit.

- I do alot of walking every day. I walk everywhere. On average I walk at least 40 minutes/hour a day

after implementing all of these changes, I have noticed an improvement in overall health, but my seb derm
and hair thinning still persists. I have done alot of research on gut health, but only just realised recently
(summer 2017) that I have neglected the liver. I have been researching about Liver Cleansing etc
I would like some advice. I do not know where to begin, I feel like this is the final piece of the puzzle - THE LIVER.
I have neglected it and I believe that all of the Antibiotics i took have really messed up the liver but not sure
if this is the case.

I realised there was biotin deficiency after Antibiotics , I took high strength supplements for a while with no results

I would like some guidence. I wanted to do a Liver Flush but am worried. I have been disheartened with other sites
saying it is just quackery and nonsense.

Also I am worried that if I do start liver flushing, my seb derm (especially in eyebrows) will flare up horribly.
Right now it is kind of under control. I started juicing 2/3 times a day and noticed a huge improvement already.

I also had juiced beets yesterday and got up in the night and had several BM's which is strange but i feel like it was detoxing
the liver perhaps? the bm was normal, followed by sludge.

I just want some advice on how to go about this liver cleansing, i have never done anything like this before.

I am considering doing a strict juice cleanse for a couple of weeks too, i feel like its cleansing my body.

would appreciate if anyone could help.



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