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The Clark Top 3 by MH
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Published: 21 months ago
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The Clark Top 3 by MH

Before Hulda Clark , there was Christopher/Shulze-type de-wormer and the 2 fellows basically ignored parasites to the point their formulas were suggested to be used for de-worming animals, in that they suggested to use it, then stop and you had no more parasite problems and we all know today that they were dead wrong and Hulda Clark basically just exposed what was already known, but suggesting it was much worse and getting worse with each new poison humans consume ............. but history will always show that medical $$$$$$$$$$ aka the tax payers $$$$ paid for the research that never ends and once they learned all humans have been dying for the past 300 years from what we would call the lime's worm today and that basically everything ad everyone is a "carrier" and not 1 human can escape from being eaten alive while on earth ........... to my simple mind, this simply means parasites are priority number 1.

No doubt Christopher/Shulze copied their past teachers all the way back to what native Indians used and left it at that, while Hulda Clark tried to copy Harry Hoxey and got some advice from an herbalist that to this day I have never learned her source and she openly took zero credit for the herb info in her books; in fear her scientific friends would laugh at her.

Clark had to drive to AR with a open pick up truck, a scoop shovel and literally scooped up old walnuts off the ground...this I know. I believe it was an effort to copy Hoxye and to create a "new" herbal method with enough misinfo about the color "green" to make people believe she was the only good source and she has to be the first to suggest cloves.

Anyway, history shows her method was very poor, complicated and she quickly moved to freeze dried walnut hulls, etc. which was also 100% opposite what German Studies showed was best, of which I personally handed her and she 100% ignored ... because to create the best niche, is to make something "new" and unique.

I know for a "fact" I was the first to make her 3 herbs in a proper tincture and her kidney formula, both of which amazed her. I gave her North American Partner the 3 tincture method on a silver platter of which he quickly formed a new company that has made him enough $$$$ that he has been buying up his competition for years now .... but they didn't stick around long enough for me to show them that their tincture method was toxic, nor would such vitamin minded people care anyway.

I personally working with the old man I called the Amish healer quickly saw that the tincture method even when made correctly, still was not a suitable product for children or basically anyone that didn't like nasty tasting herbs and in simple tincture form, you basically will not be taking enough to work properly.

So I have made my own versions for the past 16 years and went far beyond what any of "them" out there ever even is as though none of them could get past what they "read" and had no cares about making anything "better" than what was made in the past by authors willing to write it down in a book.

To make a long story short, using the new 2013 method of highly concentrating herbs, using zero heat, no water to speak up, not only can the standard and as well the ADVANCED de-wormers all be made, they can be made many/many/many times "better" and cheaper by a long shot .... so much so, it literally makes everything out there seem like "water", because that is what you are buying mostly or, if in a powder or capsule, herbs that have lost 85% of their quality and your stomach may not have the ability to properly digest and assimilate and most importantly; eliminate the waste.

In fact, the year of 2013 is a "new" way, something "they" can't even conceive possible or would have a dream how to do ... because that is how such things "happen", by pathway of "dreams" or floating "thoughts" the same way Thomas Edison acquired the answers to his desires for "good."


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