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Mystery illness caused by serious hidden dental infection MD

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Published: 6 years ago

Mystery illness caused by serious hidden dental infection MD

Mystery illness doctor thought it was chronic fatigue, Lyme, some sort of infection process . I saw over 100 doctor/dentist Then one day mystery solved finally cured.
Major brain fog, fatigue, sinus issues, wheezing, shortness of breath, dizziness, aches
and pains, flu-like feelings, malaise, general unease, stiff neck, right ear pressure, right temple swollen, right dry eye, a bruise in right eye, right saliva gland swollen, sore throat every now and then
sound, light and movement sensitivity most of the time

I was a super healthy, organic non- Gmo, non- fluoride active life. Suddenly I had become sick to the point that disabled, and
chronically ill literally home bound. I could barely walk to the mail box without being winded.

I saw over 100 doctors the 71st doctor did figure out I had black mold exposure and had mycotoxins poisoning this illness symptoms are multt-system and organs with acute and multiple-symptoms
Began intense treatment and moved out of the mold house into new house. Bought all new things to avoid cross contaminating.

No matter what I did
I could never ever get completely well. I always had a long list of symptoms.

It was crystal clear there was another serious underlying health issue.

I saw all kinds of doctors,
MD's, ND'S and Chinese medicine doctors. I had test after test. I saw top specialist in many fields I was checked for Lyme eight times Thank God the test came back negative every time . I had MRI's of head /body three times, CAT Scan, High resolution scans , panoramic's and thermagraphy

One test I did not have that is in nuclear medicine they draw your blood tag the white blood cell with radiation and trace where the white blood cells go. the WBC always congregate at the site of the infection. It is unclear to me even today if
that test would of found the cause.

The reason my MD did not give me that test was so
I was so underweight that they considered putting me on feeding tube. I was to
compromised by the time I saw the MD that figured out I had mycotoxin poisoning. He thought I would die from the test possibly! I had about twenty more symptoms beyond the ones listed at that time

The entire medical system is like maze and when your ill
it is hard to navigate and
advocate . I soon realized
the fields do not communicate with each other at all in anyway. The M.D's do not talk to dentist's . I was misdiagnosed when I first got sick like 10 times . The MAYO study shows that the 88% of the time people initial diagnosis is a misdiagnose. If a car mechanic did that he would be tossed ouT of the business. So don't believe everything you hear from a MD

Now dentistry is a very
cut-off field you can see six or seven dentists and each one will have different opinions, on the same tooth. One will say " you need a filling." The other, " will say it is fractured" Another will say, " it is fine" Another will say " you need ozone shots."
One dentist said, he has learned the scans do not show him a lot of things so he does not always depend on them . How can anyone work in field that there is so much left to interpretation and translation. Error in interpretation. It is a
work in progress

My medical doctor from Harvard stated " dentist are not held to the same standards and adherence as medical doctors" And laughed about they way the practice dentistry fast and lose.

Five years of not working being homebound. I knew deep inside there was a cause
I believed, healthy,slim athletic people just do not get sick and stay sick and die that way there must be cause.

One day I had an aching tooth so off to the dentist
I got a pathetic scan at my pathetic dentist office
where I have been going every six months for years. He goes
"Hmmm well something new, maybe I did not noticed it before you got cementum growth
on right side over your right teeth. What he did is miss it! See this information was vital .
Well, my theory here is the body creates cementum to protect itself from an invading infection that might try to head for the brain. Well is looks like some inflammation well we could do vitality test in three weeks, I had already lost five years, I went back next week had the Vitality test, and

Pathetic dentist should of offered to do all my teeth once he knew I had mystery illness, he knew five years ago. Anyhow, I had the Vitality test and one
tooth was dead.
Then the dentist said,
well you could be headed towards the "Phoenix Abscess"..I walked out shaking my head at how this
just a guessing game. I knew there was no Phoenix Abscess it was just something he said off the cuff.

The next day I saw real smart dentist he did an extraction of tooth 3. They found a huge infection that had eaten through the bone,
into my sinuses, the infection had spread to the tooth next to it.
Another extraction and another tooth that was badly fractured and wiggling that my regular dentist would not pull, was extracted by my new dentist and another deep infection was found. I was put on six days of clindamycin. Then I had a
couple weeks of ozone IV then I was fine .

I needed to get back in shape. I spoke with my old
sports medicine doctor for my body to get back to where I was it would take 8 months . If I had been totally bed-ridden two years.
Just writing that for people that might be wondering.

So , I began to rebuild my life and joined a group to talk about and process what had happen to me during those five years, So, I can heal completely on all levels

I wrote this to help others understand that dental issues
can be fatal and are to be taken seriously do not depend on your MD to help you he can't. Do not expect your dentist to help you may not know how to . You have to ask for the right tests.
It is gathering information, and listening, researching and being relentless in your fight for your life

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