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Re: Help with detox: parasites? candida? other? UPDATE
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Help with detox: parasites? candida? other? UPDATE

Update: since my initial post i have tried a few things. (may be a little long but the main point is at the end)

i went to get my blood work done and my levels were good except for my vitamin D. My D leveles were at a 31 and doc told me around 50 is where i want my level to be so I have been taking 5000 iu of D3 daily for about a month now. Too short of a time too have a significant change (i'm going back in 5 months to check levels)

i also had an xray of my neck done and come to find out i have "military neck" and i have been sleeping on a cervical pillow and going to a chiropractor for about 3 weeks now trying to correct this.

I stopped taking my B-complex about 2 weeks ago and added a liquid multivitamin (liquid health multiple complete) as it had B vitamins and a host of other good stuff.

I have been taking magnesium powder (natural calm) for a while now. i actually started taking it a little bit before i posted my original question but it's been good for me. it helps me relax through the day and keeps heart palps away thus i sleep better now.

i continued using garlic pills (i still am since have a whole bottle i might aswell use them) but idk if its helped anything.

i stopped using diatomaceous earth and charcoal while back i cant remember when but its been a while.

so which brings me to today: my diet is clean so no processed foods no added sugars no fast food or anything (just vegetables and seeds/nuts with the occasional grilled chicken) i still take fish oil, D3, magnesium, and garlic pills, i added the liquid multi and some ginger pills.

but recently i decided to try a parasite cleanse formula that i ordered off of amazon and this is why i came back to this forum…

so the cleanse i ordered is from Healths Harmony and its called Intestinal Guard. its designed to be a 10 day routine and its 2 capsules 3 times daily prefered with meals and i just finished the 5th round of it so i'm halfway done (it also says to repeat again in 2-3 weeks if necessary) and i think i may be having die off symptoms.

my anxiety has been pretty relaxed before i started this cleanse but around day 3 it returned along with fatigue (it hasnt really bothered me because i just assumed it was from the bastards dying) and today (day 5) i've felt sick all day. fatigue, runny nose, sneezing, muscle weakness, and heart palps (which i havent really had since taking the magnesium powder but it came back around day 4). does this sound like die off? if so what is a good to help reduced this. i really hope this is what i've been searching for and i come out on top by day 10.. edit: i also never done the Ubiome test and im on my moms healthcare and she thinks im crazy that i think i might have parasites cuz she thinks they only come from third world countries and thinks the lack of vitamin D is causing all of this so she isnt really down on spending more money to get my poop looked at lol (also im sorry for typos my phone screen is cracked all to hell)

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