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Published: 22 months ago
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Dr. Christopher was famous for LARGE DOSES.....teaspoons and tablespoons..

With essential oils, which are NOTHING but just part of the herb, manufacturers (government) make the doses "SCARY" and rarely ever suggest any human so dare as to take an essential oil internally.....

TOO SCALE consider this:

Years ago I chose to blend 1/2 Desert Parsley with 1/2 pure oregano and used that by the dropper for cats/dogs....normally 1 dropper by mouth for the dogs and 1/2 dropper for cats.....cats would struggle, but when they come out of it, they seemed like super recent times a large stray male cat was so sick with distemper that we were able to capture him and put him in a pen .....a large male brown tiger at least 5 years old living in the area and survived coyotes while all other cats have been eaten......

This male was so full of snot resembling clear silicon that he could not breathe out his nose and strings of slime looking like silicon clung to his mouth...a certain death sentence for a cat or even a dog for that matter....we just always for 50 years called this distemper and vets could never save them....

with this fellow I put a full dropper of the oregano oil/desert parsley in his mouth and being so sick, he didn't drink water, etc.....and ya know that was not pretty sight to see and the cat certainly looked like he would die and the next day was so maxed out with clear snot all over his face that everyone believed he was near dead....while by the 3rd day, he is looking great and i estimate within 5 days he will be once again "SUPER" CAT that dogs will fear.....actually, a good male house cat well educated in fighting, can kill common house dogs, even large ones by ripping their chest wide open with their claws.

So this was a sickly 4# cat that will weigh 7# when healthy consider this: the boys hatched some chickens and ducks a few weeks ago and they are consuming x amount of water with x amount of pure oregano oil every day of their life....approx. 1 pure drop per animal and they weigh what???? Just a few ounces....

NOW, take the normal adult male human???? Ya know, a 200# male and he is scared to consume 1 drop pure oregano oil......all based on "fear".

While I know of some amish that have gotten so use to pure oregano I educated them about over the years, that they are injecting it into their horses INSTEAD the commercial dope and seeing amazing results and after all, it is just a herb, a food that has been manipulated by man as the oil part of the plant and naturally, the WHOLE PLANT is BEST and that is what Dr. Christopher believed in the most, the ENTIRE PLANT, trusting GOD knew best.

SO DO THE MATH...........1 drop per 1 day old chicken verses a 1 day old human many drops would a human baby have to consume to = the duck...............YIKES!

No human would dare try such a thing and would be child abuse to the are baby chicks, ducks, rabbits, pigeons, cats, dogs, cows, etc., etc. "different" when it comes to herb consumption?

"I" know that some essential oils at just 3 drops daily can send the human body into such a CLEANSE that I don't wish that on any human; but is that only because we humans are so dirty inside and need cleansed?

I do not think we humans actually believe we are as sickly as we are.....we have been poisoned since conception for the most part and manipulated by those that fear us the most....our want a b bosses. The Boss needs to be the one in control and never the workers...the workers are trained to work and nothing else.

What I call BOOK I, II, & III provides enough info when applied correctly to enable a near dead cat to save its own life...I believe the author of BOOK III and seen his info work. In hard times, you use what ever means possible to save a life ad 1 day that life may be your own and you never want to be out of options...

The Air Freshen III body spray method and Air Freshen II air spray methods are something few humans can even perceive, so far out of their comfort zone and with no book to coax them into self-experimentation......they just do not try it...while I believe Spray I & III along with Air Freshen II & III are beyond anything that can be found in books concerning human health and all mammal health, something I have barely scraped the surface of yet...

What I am calling "THE" BOOK will be 2 parts, the first part has been edited by me as far as I can do and Part 2 is the herbal spray testimonies and explanation of formulas.....while reading the Spray Testimonies I am still amazed my self and if anyone wants to send in their final testimony here or by e-mail, odds are it can still fit in the final book......


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