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Borax, Candida and Hashimotos - Help!
lewclark Views: 1,660
Published: 3 years ago

Borax, Candida and Hashimotos - Help!

Hi I have posted here previously with regards to Iodine and hair loss related to hypothyroidism (most likely hashimoto).

Here are my symptoms:
Itchy scalp that flares and causes hair shedding, has been thinning for a few years.
Tinitus (recently noticed this)
Blocked itchy ears that crackle at some frequencies
Persistent jock itch that is mostly not visible but flares as red inflamed thing
Anxiety (worse recently where now i'm experiencing hyper symptoms instead of the hypo - sign of hashimotos)
Weight fluctuation (have given up gluten but i've lost a lot of weight and i still eat all the time and am always hungry)
Digestive issues (esp loose stools)
Persistent cough and swollen lymph nodes
Itching on various parts of body, under nose, moustache area,
Recent loss of hair in pubic area, legs and arms (not drastic but definitely present)
Fatigue (this comes and goes)
Allergies (hay fever, recent sneezing for no apparent reason now allergy season has passed)

So now that I've written that out I realise just how much i'm dealing with and why its been ruining my life for constantly checking my symptoms and trying to deal with this. I'm assuming I have Candida?
I started an Iodine protocol with detoxadine (3 drops) which made everything loads better for the first month or so. Really to begin with apart from the hair loss i didn't notice most of the other symptoms in a big way and i was very physically fit. My hair loss all but stopped, the energy was amazing, stools were solid and easy as pie, libido shot up massively...i was happy, i'd found a solution!

But then things got worse, after a month or so the sharp itch came back to my scalp again and this co incided with hair loss. It scared the shit out of me and caused all sorts of recurrent anxiety. Things got so bad with the hair loss situation that after modulation the dosage (up to 8 drops) and seeing minor improvement only to relapse again I have stopped iodine.

1. My concern with Iodine being that if i have hashimoto then it isn't a good idea. Can i have some clarification on this? I don't want to mega dose as Lugols always reacts on me and caused a great deal of hair loss when i attempted to go up to 100mg, the only thing that kept it at bey weirdly was applying more iodine topically on the scalp...a short term fix that didn't seem worth it.
- i had other die off symptoms too, typical stuff, aches pains, throat swelling. Should i go back on the detoxadine? i don't want to do more damage and i want to be rid of all these symptoms. I'm also not keen on Lugols so if i were to go for detoxadine again any suggestions? Would low dosage do more damage than good with hashimotos (3 drops nascent iodine)?

2. If this is candida related what protocol should i be following? I've just decided to restart borax (1/4 tspn in water, i usually drink it quite quickly though and not spread out through the day). Can this be applied to areas like the ears to reduce the itching?

My diet is bloody amazing, i am gluten free, dont eat any refined sugars, mainly raw foods lean proteins, veg, fruit etc. I heard ginagirl didn't change her diet much to beat her problem but used iodine and borax with the co-supplements?

Also taking b vitamins, magnesium (400), selenium in the form of brazil nuts and recently experimenting with evening primrose oil for itchiness and hair loss (im a man and i know this is supposed to be for women but i'm willing to try anything). Although I've stopped the iodine (last taken on sunday) i find that applying it topically massively reduced the hair loss although the weird itch (like a crawling sensation) is still there. No idea what it is as there's not much visible.

I'm at my wits end and have had some serious breakdowns recently so any help and advise ref getting myself on a path to recovery, without losing all my hair in the process, would be a godsend. For example if i could beat this just by adding borax?

p.s. does borax cause a flare in symptoms to begin with (jock itch etc)?

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