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White Cell Count 20.4 They are taking over the CNS
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Published: 5 years ago

White Cell Count 20.4 They are taking over the CNS

White Cell count 20.4. I am going to die from this. After passing adult worms for well over a year with herbs and fasting, I have been trying to get help for the last 6months or more. I always suspected worms but stool tests were negative so I pushed it aside. I start a protocol sent to me by a dr that included triclabenzole (sp), prazi, and nicolsamide (sp). Anyway I know now that I certainly have Ascaris, it's just undeniable. After finishing the protocol except the prazi, bc the prazi is a full 7 days, I have migration of worms into legs and arms. I can feel them in my bicep and thighs, had pain in my calf muscle suddenly the other night, both infact, but I could pin point the pain and move a little nodule around underneath. If i lightly press on it it seems to be pulsing. There are 100's of these throughout the body and I had a few of them before I started the protocol but not fluttering aside from a muscle twitch and my upper thighs hurt like hell. I knew I couldn't get the ER convinced I had parasites just wanted my labs done. I am going to an oncologist tomorrow I have seen him 4 times, I initially went to see him because of a cyst on my back he says is just fatty tissue and a swollen submandibular gland. He did find porphyria, a blood disorder tho, probably caused by so many parasitic toxins for so long. I don't fit the bill for someone who just "acquires" porphyria. I had insane itching and more and more nodules everyday so I called and asked for an appointment, they gave it to me, I go in about 8 hours. I passed an adult worm and maybe a juvenile or small adult about 2 hours ago...thank god, I put them in the fridge inside empty urine collection bottles I have acquired from a previous test. I am bringing my laptop with over 10 photos of what I believe and others believe on here,(one is a tropical disease doc)to be parasitic. There is no stool in these samples, they are long worms. If he doesnt test them oh well he is going to feel these nodules, they are here, the ER doctor even confirmed it and seemed suspicious and made sure I had supplies to capture one and take it to my primary care doctor. I also had the ER print out my blood tests from the last 2 years. White Cell count is high every single time and there are over 50 of them. Crazy the medical community well let you walk around for years with an infection even if they can't diagnosis what it is. People don't just have white cell counts in the 20's for years.

I am very sick, I probably need hospitilization. I am corresponding with mattk3, I cannot stress how informative and helpful this man is. He is a god send. However I am intelligent enough to know that this infection is out of control, I am having pretty bad heaches and my eyes have gradually been filling up with black lines and dots. They are spreading to the CNS, it's not that far fetched I have been passing worms for over a year, maybe two or more. I hope I can convince this man, a doctor who specializes in helping the terminally ill; to in fact save me. I am still taking prazi everyday, and am working to acquire certain supplements slowly. I am on disability for PTSD so money is scarce. Imagine a hyper infection for someone with PTSD, that's what I am going through. I am a strong and geniunely good person I do not deserve to die from this and have been through far too many near death experiences to just fade away like this. God bless this forum and those who talk to me in messages and emails. Please pray for me, whatever your deity may be and if none keep me in your thoughts. By the grace of divine intervention I need this doctor to believe me so I can afford proper medicine promptly. I don't think I can sleep, my body hurts too bad, legs are going from on fire to just achey back and forth. I will say this though...I'm not puking anymore.

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