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Re: I'm sensitive to 100% of the foods and I'm starving myself for 10 months so far.
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: I'm sensitive to 100% of the foods and I'm starving myself for 10 months so far.

The thing is that I can not have any other nutrient food than meat to survive. I can't have nuts - I'm severely allergic to them with anaphylaxix which can kill me. Also they irritate a lot my gut, but this is the less problem.

I might try to incorporate few new things into my diet, but there is no other diet than meat in the long run for me. Energy comes from carbs or fats. I can't have carbs. My candida grows so severely that my urethra closes and I've avoided at the last moment catheter once.

I don't see a reason why meat should be bad in the long run tough. At least if you eat around 400g per day from it. Not sure if I mentioned that, but I've been sick for 8 years so far (since january 2009). The systemic problems and food sensitiveness started in january 2011. I saw the biggest progress in my whole illness history since then in 2015. I started to follow as much as I could "The Perfect Helath Diet" from Paul Jaminet. You can google it.

The diet is basically 400g of meat (preferably red), bone broth, 400g of potatoes or rice, few fruits and unlimited veggies with generous amount of olive oil. Grains, beans, lentils, soy are forbidden. The diet is 70/20/10 fat/carb/protein
He says animal fats are the best.
Kefir and yogurt are also allowed, diary is forbidden, butter is an exception.

He opened my eyes for candida. Keto diet starves out good bacteria and immune cells. Further, ketons make candida resistant to immune cells. That's the reason why so many people get worse on the "anti-candida" diet. (Is it anti at all?).

I needed few months to incorporate slowly bananas and potatoes in my menu. I was never able to tolerate rice, sugar, butter, etc... But it;s unbelievable that I was having at least around 300g of potatoes per day. And I was feeling better than ever in my illness. What made me quit the diet? Two rounds of ALA following the AC protocol which devasted all the progress I'd made and made me super super sensitive to any carbs again. My candida started to grow again like crazy from potatoes and never got better.

I looked into your suggestions for diet per blood group. It says for me potatoes are bad, sweet potatoes are good. It's interesting that sweet potatoes, while more sweet, have less starch, which might be good. Once I have the conditions I might try to add sweet potatoes and get on Paul's diet again.
The problem with incorporating new foods is that I have so severe psychological reactions to them due to the toxins released that I can't operate on a daily level - communicate with people, do my job, etc... If I find time where I'm free and can sit at home alone, I may try again for a month or so, bearing the symptoms when I can afford it from social perspective.

I've tried DMPS oral, could not tolerate even 1mg. It qw giving me severe panick attacks and AF problems.

I'm almost regularly taking licorice root.

The reasons I don't see why I should do a hair test is that I will not take any actions myself based on it, and my practitioner is not recommending to do one now (otherwise she does mineral tests). I did mine in the past in Doctors data. They showed mercury poisoning by the AC rules. Otherwise lithium was low and copper was low as well.

I'm following EAV meridian screen testing and remedy testing and using mainly phisica energetics homeopathic remedies for 2 meetings and 4 months so far. I've see one single gain from it - my adrenals are much better. However what makes me stick to this kind of treatment is that in cases like mine where everything is such a mess, anyone, either me feeling my own body, or experienced practitioner can play a blind game and not get that far. The EAV screening shows us everytime where are we, what is imporoved, and most important - what needs to be improved now.

Re meat soups I get GERD from any kind of soup/broth. It's the liquid that makes it trigger. Most likely another symptom of low stomach acid, not being able to diggest oily liquid.


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