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Re: ICU'S PARASITE DRUG PROTOCOLS ~ Roundworms, Tapeworms, Flukes, Strongyloides, Filariasis,& Morgellons
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: ICU'S PARASITE DRUG PROTOCOLS ~ Roundworms, Tapeworms, Flukes, Strongyloides, Filariasis,& Morgellons

I've had health problem's since birth, illness's, serious accidents and bad infections on a constant basis therefore a lowered immune system due to a concentration of parasites. I began using Miracle-Mineral-Supplement in 2010 to battle my lyme disease and horrific symptoms. I have been so close to a heart attack and stroke so many times I couldn't count. Daily. Of course I look fine. lol.. I discovered I had major parasites after I began using the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement noticing and noting changes and always investigating and learning. It is changing and saving my life. I couldn't walk in 2014 was in the heart unit for 3 days of hell. I began taking it orally, every hour or as much as I could stand it. Incredible how it just eats everything bad but it also eats all your mineral and you get serious herxheimer but their are great remedies for that as well. Anyhow, the battle wears me out, I don't usually have money to buy liquid minerals or vitamins or good food and get very depressed and give up a little. What gives me great hope are the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ENIMAS ive been doing for about 9 months sometimes daily but very hard on your body, so that's only for the going hard times which are unfortunatley necessary. I've done coffee, essential oils with not notable results. The MMS enimas give gut wrenching results the first time so be careful and only look in the toilet if you can take it. You need to start orally for a week at the minimum doses. DMSO taking along with it greatly helps the gas/die-off/herx. Ive been doing this for 9 months and still going strong as far as expelling major critters every time and pray that my efforts will at some point let me see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is alot to be said for the effects of the chemtrails, nano-bots everywhere and Genetically-Modified-Organisms food and toxins in our environment. I believe this was just another plan in the scheme of things. I don't care what you think of that statement and I think people who get on sites and spout off about thing's they know nothing about such as another person's illness are riding the karma train to hell so have a good ride. Get a hobby and mind your own business. Doctors also need educated by the educators, the patients. They are nothing more than paid drug pushers who just look the other way when the elephant in the rooms moans in pain. I am sure that most disease and auto immune disorder's are from parasites and I've only been studying for my entire life. No bullshit diploma from a fancy school of indoctrination is qualified in my eyes. Such non-sence garbage people except as the status-quo. Wake up before the door hits you in the ass.

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