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The whole story
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Published: 6 years ago
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The whole story

Gonna give you the whole scenario. I've posted it in bits and pieces, but I'll put the whole story here. Hoping for help. Apologize for length.
About 1996 tiny black things on my skin start to bite and caused an intense localized allergic reaction. This after a trip to the Keys. I don't know if they came from within my skin or from outside. They were barely visible to the eye, sometimes they came in pairs, but usually singly. Occasionally they were cream colored. I experienced them off and on for roughly 4 months. Over the next few years, I became very ill; chronic fatigue, systemic yeast, collapsing, breathing problems and pain in heart. Doctors no help. I went to Mayo Clinic. No help. 2004 got dxd with spondylitis and 2009 with Lymes. 6 mo. doxy made me feel better. Fast forward.

Oct. 2016 suddenly - overnight - dense swelling develops around the top of my thigh, just lower than the groin area. MRI doesn't show anything. It is still that way and the other leg now has it too.

Nov. 2016 suddenly the tip of my toe is swollen, red, and extremely tender. I notice the skin along the nail is split open. Anus begins painful burning. Docs no help. Mid-Dec. 2016, the black biting specks are back and biting me. I realize the anal burning is caused by worms in anal folds. Doc give me an Albenza with a second one to take 2 weeks later. Based on looking at a worm, he dxs either hookworm or tapeworm. Late Dec. 2016, biting and crawling is worse, I develop staff inf. on buttocks, worms from nose now as well as anus and clitoral area. ER doc questions if it may be zoonotic. No one knows. I start finding cocoons in pubic and anal region, when put on tape they hatch out a host of little bug type guys. Also mid-Dec., I am bit on the hand and able to get the thing and stick it on tape. University veterinary lab IDs it as a "biting gnat, something that does not normally bite people or animals". I don't know if it's related to the other things biting me or not. The anal and nasal worms stop after the second round of Albenza. Stool tests all neg.

Dec 2016 - Jan 2017 each night I feel something crawl down my leg, but can not see anything. Two of them latch into toe and foot and borrow in. They develop into worms in my feet. Larva migrans and larva currens form in my hands and fingers. My face and ears begin "blooming" sensation. I realize the latter is demodex, dog scrapes +. Different doc gives me 3 days Albenza in late Jan '17. Biting intensifies on chest and torso, sometimes throwing me out of bed in a.m. They leave little red marks on my skin. More migrans occurs and a new doc gives me a few days Ivermectin in late Feb. and pxs UVB for demodex. I stop seeing the little biting black or cream things in early March but biting sensation continues. Another migrans develops in late March and I return to doc. He gives me a few more days Iver.

In May, another doc gives me 10 days Albenza. They have all pxd 200 mg. 2Xd. I am 145 lbs. Any obvious migrans have stopped, but I continue to have biting and moving sensations under skin. They leave a red mark where they bite. They bite on the head and extremities, sometimes very painfully. There are some odd marks on skin, like tire tracks, but they are faint. I have been taking Ivermectin on an irregular basis and likely dosed too small since mid May. Strongy AB test is neg.

I am taking the immune-suppressant Plaquenil to treat my AI dxs of spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis , SjŲgren's, celiac, and anti-bodies to anti-phospholipids. Alos take low-dose naltrexone. I don't know how plaquenil affects the anti-parasitic meds.

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