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Re: Multiple Symptoms/Issues - Advice?
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Multiple Symptoms/Issues - Advice?

-Current Symptoms (attempt to add frequency as well)-

  • Extreme fatigue day & night regardless of sleep schedule (sleep almost feels usless)
  • not good at all. You need to make sleep your number 1 priority asap. I went through this. You will degrade until you can figure out to reverse the sleep problems. Parasites, heavy metals, liver toxicity (burning eyes)
    • eyes burning deep ache & shallower than normal breathing (feels like I am on my last breath
    • not good at all. could almost be lyme disease symptoms
    • Feels like this is getting worse/I am getting weaker
    • Can barley make it through a work day even if it is a slow/low stress day & sometimes I find myself just waiting for bed time on the weekends 
    • make the plunge sooner than later to quit or go into survival mode and deal with these problems. it sounds very serious, don't put it off any longer.
    • Muscle ache/fatigue is constant. Just sitting, laying, or standing is uncomfortable/painful. There is never really a "good" posisition it is just some are better than others
    • sounds like fibromyalgia, which in itself could just be a subset of lyme or other more serious conditions. try kombucha tea - homebrewed.
  • Cold joints
    • Mainly hips, knees, ankles, hands, feet & wrists w/some cold sensations across back/shoulder blades
    • thyroid and circulation. but you have so many other symptoms it sounds like thyroid is only part of the problem. forget your 'normal' thyroid tests, your thyroid is out for sure.
    • I have my boyfriend rub / massage my joints supper fast to warm them & this sensatin only lasts a few seconds & is normally painful even w/light touch
    • take hot baths with a 1 lb box of salt in them. you can also add epsom salt and msm. if you get nervous system problems from hot baths it points to things like lyme and/or heavy metal.
    • I will take ultra hot baths (sometimes showers) to try and warm up, it seems like the heat only reaches the surface of the skin, never deep inside where the cold seems to come from
    • try a niacin flush. I think iodine protocol will be good for you,  but start very slow.
    • get a hair mineral test asap! maybe lead poisoning
    • This can even be lightly painful because it is so cold, almost like light frostbite (I keep wanting to say freezerburn!) sensation?
  • Numbness & tingling
    • Occures sometimes from neck through back of arms into outter pinky/ring finder of hands. Will be cold, numb & or tingling 
    • heavy metals or other neurotoxins. avoid ALL processed foods and additives for now especially aspartame.
    • Tingling spider never sensations across back
    • Issues w/lower extremities falling asleep when they doesn't seem like they should ( I feel like I always have to pay extra attention to how I sit/stand/lay)
  • Cold spells (slightly less only because we have hit summer/had some muggy days which I am really sensitive to)
    • So cold my whole body will shake/tremble though not necessarily  the same feeling as the bone marrow but this is a deep cold from the core of my body. Can happen w/or w/out joint coldness precending. Sometimes this can be so bad I can hardly move, usually I am parked directly in front of a little space heater, any variation in temperature makes it worse sometimes it will even be hard to breath due to the shaking/shivering. I also feel like this is getting worse, this past winter was hell on me & my  electric bill was $300+ a few times because of the constant heater/bath (Can't afford that AT ALL so I do also wear layes such as leggings then thermal sweats, fleece slippers, wool socks, down vest/jacket inside the house, sometimes I sleep with the down vest as well however none of this offers the relief of the bath which again is miniscule & very temporary but when the spells are bad & frequent I find it's my only answer)
    • get some lugol's iodine asap, one drop and see how it feels. raise dose by one drop each dose.
  • Constant headaches & frequent migraines
    • Headache almost daily in varrying degrees, usually around brain stem area or across front of head (best way I can describe is breathing in through nose too fast on a icy cold day, almost like a brain freeze but not quite)
    • Migraines are about once - twice a month ranging from just having to lay down to needing mecidine to force me to sleep it off. Pain killers do nothing - most recent one was a 2 week headache that manifested into a migraine at the end that lasted 2 days and tapered back off into a headache. Caused me to throw up in the car it was so bad once the migraine manifested
  • Constant flu/sick feeling
    • Slightly scratchy throat, weak all over, nausea, queasy, low appetite, slightly sniffly nose, head fog, tender/slightly swollen lymph nodes on & off, chronic cough (varys in degrees but usually w/me several times throughout the day, feels like itchy lungs/bronchial) 
  • IBS Symptoms (diarrhea, bloating, abdomnial pain, food issues)
    • Almost all the time - I try to do restrictive eating espcially given the food allergies but this is way easier said then done in my current situation (am still & will still continue to work on this)
    • i knew this would be in your laundry list. could be at the root of what's going on, or just part of it.
  • Random deep ear pains/itching
    • Only have had 1 ear infection in my life I can actually remember which was a few years back, sometimes the pains will be very similar to that - the fullness, pain like your ear needs to pop however it is very sporadic while the infection I remember being constant
  • Chest pains/weakness
    • Trouble breathing deep, sometimes deep breathes hurt from spine into chest/sternum & vice versa, more of a deep bone feeling that muscle/organ
    • have you ever tried a FIR sauna, the heat might be able to penetrate deeper into tissue.
  • TMJ - Jaw clicking, popping, opening uneven, catching, painful if eating overly chewy foods, light muscle swelling on occasion
  • Cogenetive issues
    • Have to repeatedly ask for instruction, can't remember tasks at hand
    • constantly distracted almost all ADHD symptoms
    • Constantly forgetting items such as keys/phone & losing items such as receipts & paperwork
    • Difficulty holding long conversations due to attention span/brain fog
    • The harder I try to focus the thicker the fog seems to be to the point I have to leave the conversation/situation (can be awkward at work when receiving direction from management & I can't seem to be on the same page or form a sentance w/out stuttering & trying to find words)
    • Constantly have to re-read things, no retention of informatoin either read or spoke
    • Amalgams or root canals recently? recent vaccine? Joe can help you with the cutler protocol but it's not for everyone.
  • Mood swings
    • Anxiety/Constant panic attacks - This is getting worse & can be set off but an emotional stimul
    • Crying spells - this is getting worse & may relate to depression (below) but finding it hard to deal with any emotional situation , anything that would normally get someone mad I notice I skip over anger & go straight to crying. Sometimes I just feel overwhelemed & break down even if I don't want to (this can be annoying especially at work) 
    • Depression - I can't tell if this is situational or health related (as in hormones, or maybe infection) but I feel like it is getting worse.
    • not surprising. your liver not keeping up. try a low copper diet. zinc was mentioned elsewhere.
  • Alcohol intolernece - Any type of drink causes stomach upsets & body aches
  • your liver is gone
  • Irregular heatbeat, heart palpitations, racing heart (sometimes it will race & do a large "thunk" to the point I have to grab my desk/chair). Can't seem to find a cause of this it's pretty inconsistent unless I am feeling extra exhausted 
  • Dizziness/vertigo - sometimes it feels like the room is spinning even while sitting, falling to ground while walking due to dizziness. Can be walking normal then all the sudden all I see is white & I am on the floor but I am never passed out like I would expect from a true faint
  • sounds like lyme, metals and a giant mess of multiple parasites. start eating more salt, at least 1 teaspoon per day, or more if tolerated. how is your blood pressure?
  • Sensitivity to light, noises & smells
    • Over brightness almost always causes headache & migraines though I wouldn't say light is the only / required cause of my migraines
    • liver, liver, liver, and nervous system. migraines are rooted in the colon.
  • Tinninitus - Usually one ear will ring very high pitched & loud while the second ear will cut out all sounds, causes great unbalance 
  • Slow wound healing
  • Hyopglycemic type feelings
    • Feels like blood sugar drops that are accompanied by shakes,weakness, queasy, headache, heart palpatations, cold sweats. These have become more infrequent but I also have quicker access to snacks at my current job when I feel this coming on. 
  • Oral surgery to remove 4 impacted wisdom teeth & 1 cramped tooth. Fairly sure my mandibular nerve was nicked in the process as well made my TMJ worse. Nerve issue goes from right front tip of tongue down to back of right front bottom teeth through throat into back of head & right eye (not from face directly to eye, as odd as it sounds I can feel it following the path described). Not always a pain but often times a  werid sensation that NEVER leaves. I only add this in because of the "fibro" diagnosis I feel like possible nerve system issues could be making this sensation worse or "flare" more. This also made me VERY sick, I was put in under IV & was told to fast before hand. I was perscribed percacet (sp?) & penecillin afterwards. Due to how sick I felt I only took one penecillin (only took that one out of infection fear due to the amount of blood & how deep the wounds were), the percacet did nothing for either mouth pain or the normal pains I have througout the day so I only took about 3 of these. 
  • high enzyme foods like pineapple and papaya, kiwi, and white meats, b  vitamins, so slowly repair nerves.

-Current Diagnosis-

  • Fibromyalgia March 2016
    • Symptoms as far back as at least 12 yo
  • Food allergies in varrying degrees - Feb 2017
    • 19 items total, biggest allergies: casein, cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, cow's milk, goat's milk (medium), mozzarella cheese, whey, egg white & yolk, gliadin, gluten (medium), wheat (medium), almond (medium), peanut (medium), avacado (medium), pineapple (medium) , garlic (medium), green bean (medium), kidney bean (medium), lima bean (medium), candida albicans
  • Scoliosis/ Multiple back issues March 2017
    • Straightening of the cervical lordosis. Cornoal low resolution scout views show a mid to lower cervical dextroconvex curve & an upper thoacic levoconvex curve. 
    • Multiple "mild circumferential buldge", "mild facet degenerative change", C6 facet ankylosis, T7-8 disc narrowing & desiccation, Schmorls node formation, anterior mild spondylosis 
    • Issues w/SI/SJ joints (don't currenlty have those MRI results on hand)
  • GERD Spring 2007
  • Anxiety Spring 2007

-Odd Past Issues-

  • Spring about 4 years ago I devolped a bad case of hives. They appeared to be under the skin on the palms of hands & soles of feet yet the ones on top of hands, arms, legs, back, chest ETC (except face) were slightly raisied. The slightly raised hives would start out as dots then over time fuse into one large patch of slightly raised red skin , for example 20+ hives on my back would turn into 1 giant hive. I had multiple tests done (couldn't tell you for what, the doctor at this point was very UNHELPFUL) that returned "normal" & was then told I had to find the issue out on my own. Could not determine an exact enviromental cause or food cause as I hadn't changed anything. I do know that at this point in my life the house I was renting I am sure had mold issues both underneath & in the roof & my place of employment had noticible water stains on the ceiling tiles, constant water leaks & dealing w/client orders (rug/clothing drop offs) were frequently musty mildowy & moldy. The hives lasted for about 9 months & each spell was sevearl hours long sometimes lasting throughout the night.
  • About 4-5 years ago first issue w/toe nail fungus. Was constantly wearing socks due to cold issues however I don't believe my feet are particularly sweaty & I did not develop any other feet issues such as athletes foot. This lasted for over a year and seemed to slowly clear up. (This was in the suspected mold house)
  • About 4-5 years ago issues first issue with yeast infection. Did not have insurance at the time so used OTC monostat or something along those lines. I believe I may have had "almost" occurances since then but have somehow managed w/ACV baths etc
  • About 4-5 years ago first notable UTI/Kidney infection. Also did not have insurance at this time but I got sicker w/in days & could feel kidney inflamation through my skin so I went to the "low income" clinic. They did a urine test & said it "might be a UTI", gave me antibiotics for a week. When I had my follow up I was still feeling very sick & having pain (couldn't sit, stand or lay without kidneys and bladder wanting to pop, peeing was FIRE while getting punched in kidneys), they told me that I didn't need any more antibiotics & there shouldn't be anything wrong. After some googling & much crandberry juice  (all natural unsweetened), I ordered some chinese medicine "eight herbs extract" that seemed to help within a week or so. To this day my right kidney feels weaker & will throb if I don't get enough water. Have always had frequent urination. 



  • Systemic candida/Toxic mold reaction
    • I have gone back & forth in my mind about this for a few years & would like to from hear others who have confirmed they had this 
    • Food allergy tested scored "AVOID" on candida albicans,  minor allergies to brewers yeast
    • Brain fog & drunk feeling are almost too surreal at times for this not to be part of the issue
    • Exposure to mold infested apartment complex for at least 10 years. Lived in multiple units that may have not direct mold however many units did have full blown black mold issues, there were constant roof leaks & roofing issues. Exposure to probable mold infested house for 4.5 years w/poor ventilation
    • Exposure to mold work enviroment both building & client orders for 3.5 years
    • are you in a mold free environment now? you can kill exposed mold with a combination of clorox and white vinegar, but don't be around while the clorox is being applied.
  • Leaky Gut
    • I have had chronic stomach/digestive issues since I was a child. Often times even "safe" foods seem to make me sick.
    • parasite, bugs, incorrect diet, antibiotic poisoning.
    • do you take any natural fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, beet kvass?
    • Bubbling/gurgling gut almost instantly after eating
    • take ginger, lemon and salt before meals
    • try cooking EVERYTHING you eat including water (boil it)
    • Many food allergies I don't believe I have always had aside from a few majors such as milk (actually had a test done at the begining of 2016 that came back with "no allergies" however I don't trust the facility that did it as they were very disorganized & visually messy)
    • have you tried raw milk?
    • Constant inflamed intestines
    • blood type diet is worth a try. 3 bags of lipton tea boiled down to half. ie 3 cups water boil it down to 1.5 cups. the tannins in tea have wide action on a lot of bugs particularly pesky one-celled critters. it won't cure you but you might get some instant relief while you are muddling through this.
    • Gall bladded inflamation
    • pain 2-3 inches on either right or left of belly button. Duodenum area pain
  • Heavy metal toxicity
    • Had this tested & only Arsnic came back at a "normal" range of 12 (I believe normal was 1-24). I have looked into metal toxicity before & it sounded very probable however I did not test positive for mecury or lead. Curious if anyone else has had experience like this
    • I think Joe mentioned retention toxicity. When your numbers are off the chart low with lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, copper, it can point to retention toxicity. This is worse than off the chart high.
    • Had all vaccinations as a child, including chicken pox (which I have not had) - born in 1991
    • Millenials are at extreme immunological risk. Time to get ultra serious with your health.
    • Had multiple fillings in non adult teeth. Currently no fillings but did have many at one point as well as constant teeth abcesses
    • not good, but at least they're out now.
    • get your next hair test from doctor's data since they screen for more metals than arl/tei.

-Tests I have had done (that I can remember)-

  • HLAB27 Positive (though supposedly negative for ankylosis spondilitis I still believe there to be a connection), I have also heard of a connection of this to systemic mold issues 
  • Iron & TIBC - All normal will provided numbers if needed
  • CBC w/Differential/Platelet - All "normal" EXCEPT Lymphs (Absolute)
    • Lymphs (Absolute) - 4.3 tested June 2017
    • Lymphs (Absolute) - 3.4 tested Jan 2016
  • Hemaglobin A1c - Normal
  • Magnesium, Serum - Normal
  • Estradiol - Normal
  • Ferritin, Serum - Normal
  • FSH & LH - Normal
  • Allergen profile, Mold - All <0.10
  • Testosterone, Total, LC/MS - normal
  • Vitamin D 
    • June 2017 Normal (though I notice this is only 32.7 & normal range starts at 30
    • Apr 2016 Low at 16.9  at the time was perscribed 10k synthetic vitamin D. Took one bottle than switched to the other form OTC 
  • C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac - Normal
  • Comp Metabolic Panel - Normal
  • Hepatic Funcation Panel (7) - Normal
  • Thyroid Cascase Profile - Normal
  • Heavy Metals Profile II Blood 
    • Arsneic - 12, Normal  (range 2-23)
    • Lead - 1, Normal ( range 0-19)
    • Mercury - None
    • Cadmium - None
    • heavy metals do not show in blood for chronic poisoning.
  • Lipid Panel
    • Total cholesterol is high at 216
    • LDL is high at 129
  • Comp metabolic panel - Normal EXCEPT sligh high Glucose, 101 (range 65-99)
  • Celiac Disease Complete Panel - Normal 
  • TSH Rfx on Abnormal to Free T4 - Normal
  • Uric Acid, Serum - Normal
  • Sedimentation Rate - Normal
  • Rheumatoid Factor - Normal
  • C-Reactive Protein, Quant - Normal
  • CCP Antibodies IgG/IgA - Negative

I have had other tests however I do not have the results on hand. I also do not trust some of the results as one of the labs I was sent to was very disorgnized & couldn't seem to get my paper work right.

-Current Medications/Supplements-
Honestly I am so foggy & out of my mind I can't remember to take anything consistently (my work day can also be very lumpy so this does not help)

  • Dr. Morse Heal All Tea
  • he is a buffoon. is the tea helping?
  • NOW Calcium Citrate 
  • Lugols Iodine 5% 3-5 drops w/ACV (when I can remember, typically mornings)
  • how high a dose have you gone to with lugols? I think it's time to increase, but you need to also try selenium.
  • NOW essential 9 amino acid powder
  • Moringa Poweder
  • Vitacost probiotics (when I can remember)

-What helps-

  • Medicated chinese oils & hot baths- pao sum, wong tik, white flower, tiger/monkey balm etc. I will add drops of this to my baths as well when feeling particularly achey. I find the stronger the concauction the better but the relief is temporary
  • Sounds like heating herbs will help. Look into the kapha/vata culinary herbs. basically these are all the savory and heating spices.
  • Yoga (at home) - if I have a tiny bit of energy to spare I do attempt yoga, I can tell this helps with the stiffness however my back & body are in such bad shape it's hard to make it through a session, my goal is to get to this daily  
  • don't push this yet. when you make some progress in other areas and stabilize yourself metabolically you can naturally fall back into yoga.
  • start on magnesium glycinate, this should help a lot.
  • Very restrictive diet 
    • I am currently 90% gluten, coffee, soy, egg & dairy free. Most of my mishaps w/this are because there was an ingredient I didn't see added to the food I am eating.
    • how do you do with sugar? it's not on your restriction list.
    • About 85% eating free of my "allergens" goal is to be 100%
    • Currenlty meat free aside from fish (cod, salmon & trouts usually)
    • too many restrictions leads to deficiencies. fish might not be such a good idea if you have mercury.

-Current/Past Doctors-

  • Rhemtologist (past) - Fibro diagnosis, low vit d. Mobic (useless) & cymbalta perscription (Have NOT taken). Didn't like the direction of treatment / wasn't listening to other related issues
  • Neurologist (past) -  Only went for one visit & was told my headaches are rebound headaches & was perscribed gabapentin (Have NOT taken). Didn't believe this to be the case nor did I like the rush rush attitude 
  • Women's Clinic Phycisians Assistant (past) - Went for serveral visits & didn't find the information to be helpfi;
  • Physiscans Assistant Gastrointerology (past) - One time visit, believes I have IBS, scheduled a colonoscopy & endoscopy but they were booked out for months. I dind't trust the procedure so I did not follow up
  • Naturopath (Current) - Much more willing to listen & is helping w/various blood tests 
  • Chirpractor (Current/Very Recent) - First time ever going to a chirporactic. My Dr. here is very informative during procedures & also suspects I may have a mold/heavy metal issue. 

-Interested In-

  • Grape Fast
  • sounds good, make sure they are ripe and sweet. don't get caught up in ritual. ie eat/drink grapes as much as you want, no need for formal fasts.
  • Salt Water Flush
  • AIP Diet could be good, but you need calories.
  • Anything & Everything!

You have so many problems that I think you need to be very loose and flexible with anything new you try. It sounds very much like a really bad case of lyme disease which is often associated with heavy metals. Lyme cans supposedly piggyback inside larger helminths as well like russian nesting dolls. Diet is best approached intuitively and viscerally, doubly so in cases like yours where things tend to shift a lot and multiple organs are compromised.

What was your reaction to pineapple, do you think it could have been a die-off reaction and not an allergy? Was it sweet juice from fresh pineapple? I am the pineapple juice evangelist.

Post a lot on the iodine forum, both parasite forums, some diet forums, lyme forum.  Avoid the zealots!

Coffee enemas? Liver flushes but not yet, I would wait until you're stronger.

Take an ayurvedic dosha quiz. Some of your food allergies might be due to having such a high pathogen load, and might wax and wane as you get stronger. Also they may be related to preparation methods, ie have you tried boiling milk with cinnamon and turmeric, cardamom? Not that I have a dairy agenda for you.


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