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Cystic duct blocked by gallstone(s)

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Eric B Views: 7,054
Published: 6 years ago

Cystic duct blocked by gallstone(s)

This serii of messages was posted by Daniel Frank on the Liver Flush group on Facebook

Daniel Frank
June 28 at 8:51pm

Hi everyone, I have researched countless hours on this subject over the past few months, but I am at a loss. I have an emergency and would deeply appreciate some insight on a critical decision.

My 22 year old sister is in the hospital with her 4th severe gallbladder attack. After her 3rd one (which was so painful she was in the ER as well), she followed the Clarke-Moritz protocol and did a flush, felt better, and then proceeded to eat a relatively healthy plant-based diet with regular apple juice intake. Two days ago she had her 4th severe gallbladder attack, took an Epsom Salt water mixture to relax the ducts, pain was not relieved at all, 1-2 hours later threw up and this continued until the next morning when she had no choice but to go to the hospital.

While her gallbladder is not infected, it is extremely inflamed and she is going on 2 days in extreme pain. From my research, it is pretty clear that her cystic duct has been blocked by a gallstone. Also, the doctors are not letting her drink water, let alone apple juice, ACV or lemon as they are planning for her surgery.

Naturally, we want to try and save her gallbladder if we can.. but the question is if it is too late at this point, given that her cystic duct is literally Blocked, and the stones may very well be too large to pass and attempting to do so could potentially block a major duct and result in acute pancreatitis and death.

My family and I have researched a Ton on this subject, but we are at a loss as to what to do. Will it be safe to attempt a strict, swift regimen of apples, ACV, GCG/other herbs, malic acid, etc and then epsom salt/oil flush, or at this point does she need to cut her losses? Any help is deeply appreciated..

Daniel Frank
Thank you lydia. I know.. in the hospital they have had her on an IV while not allowing her to drink ANY liquids or food for 3 days..

Is there a section in his book regarding an "emergency liver flush"? Because thats exactly what were looking at doing here, jumping right into it tomorrow. Theres no way she can go a week of softening stones while her gallbladder's cystic duct is completely obstructed

Daniel Frank
July 1 at 8:22pm
Update for everyone:

She is ok, a straight up trooper, but after a failed emergency flush, back at the hospital.

We gave it everything we had - malic acid super regimens, chanca piedra, ACV, lemon, Epsom Salts , beets & turmeric juice, "Stone Free" (herbal blend), Niacin, and even a coffee enema (with a TBSP of Epsom Salt in it).

As her pain slightly diminished with the stone softening regimen, we were biding our time to soften it as much as possible before going for the push. Ultimately, the stone moved down from the cystic duct into the common biliary duct, when she began to feel pangs of pain in her pancreas (central to left abdomen), pain expanding into her back and preventing her from taking deep breaths.

We did a very powerful flush to see if we could push this sucker through - Epsom Salts 2 hours apart to dilate, along with niacin for even more dilation, coffee enema, 30 minutes later downed 4oz oil 4oz lemon juice with another 100mg niacin right at bed. Massaged the 2nd-4th toes, the biliary ducts in downward motion, castor packs, you name it.

After waking up with the stone still lodged, and not budging after another Epsom Salt dose, we knew it was time to throw the flag after 4 days in unrelenting pain.

We are now hoping and praying the surgeon will agree to a cholelithotomy {incision of bile duct and/or GB to remove the lodged gallstone(s)} instead of the standard cholecystectomy..

Please send your good vibes, we'll keep you posted.

Daniel Frank
July 2
Good news 🙂

At the 2nd ER visit, ultrasound showed no more lodged Gallstones in the cystic, nor common biliary duct.

We had successfully pushed all lodged stones through - it was just the sheer inflammation and soreness of everything causing the pain at that point.

We brought her back home, gave her some good natural anti inflammatories, some Tylenol, and off to bed - woke up the next morning - pain level at a 0-1, full comfortable range of breath and motion, smiling, laughing, and in a general good mood.

We're going to continue on a stone softening regimen of malic acid/phosfood, GCG/chanca piedra and sunflower lecithin, to conduct some follow up flushes 3-4 weeks, and stay on it until we know she's out of the woods. From there, we trust the balanced, clean vegan diet and occasional flush will keep her liver and gallbladder happy campers.

Thank you all for your support and warm wishes.. It is my hope that this story offers inspiration to prevent, cleanse, and (if necessary,) persevere through gallstones.


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