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Re: Water fasting for mercury poisoning and candida/fungus in the esophagus
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Water fasting for mercury poisoning and candida/fungus in the esophagus

Hi! I am in a similar situation. I had 8 Amalgams recently replaced by a mercury-free, mercury-safe biological dentist because a couple Amalgams broke and the vapors brought on symptoms of toxicity quite quickly. I am now supersaturated with mercury and if I eat almost any foods (all foods with sulphur), I can go into anaphalactic shock from the mercury released into my system. I can control this with massive doses of organic chlorella (200-500 large capsules per day, depending on what I eat)! But I have been living with a swollen tongue, swollen lymph nodes, etc., now for months. I finally decided to Water Fast and began while still consuming only 50 chlorella capsules a day. Then I dropped to 25, now I am taking none because it was keeping my digestion turned on and I am striving for deep cleansing and healing. I do fairly regular organic coffee enemas to aid in expelling toxins that are released. I also ordered Bentonite clay and plan to begin pasting it all over my skin and sitting in the sun to excrete as much mercury through my skin as possible. I am also looking into making a near infared sauna to also aid in detoxing through my skin. In my case at least, my body is coping easier with the mercury while not eating than it did while eating. I am on Day 15 now, and other than normal weakness and aches a pains (which I had to some degree while eating too), I do not have the life-threatening symptoms I was experiencing from eating. I am going to continue until I get symptoms that concern me.

BTW, 7-8 years ago, I did several long Water Fasts (while I still had my amalgams) lasting 30 and 60 days. After fasting, my weight was much healthier and my brain was much clearer, my emotions were more stable, my candida was gone, the cracks on my feet completely disappeared, my skin finally began sweating, my food addictions were gone, etc. It was only 3 years later, after 2 pregnancies and during a 3rd pregnancy, while working third shift and watching kids during the day (only about 3 hours sleep per night) that some of the symptoms began to return. My Amalgam fillings breaking were the straws that broke the camels back and put me to a point where my body could no longer cope with the mercury load. I pray this fasting will clean out much of the mercury and allow me to start over without the constant source from my Amalgams repoisoning me!

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