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Re: Strongyloide/ Roundworm rash from hell! Help needed..
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Strongyloide/ Roundworm rash from hell! Help needed..

If you have the plaque, you are killing some. It becomes a huge drag on the immune system, after a while.

The red surface skin is the smallest stage of a red worm infection, "strongyloides" if the itch is unreal.

Could be some kind of insect infection, but when combined with the rest of your situation, sounds like several species of reds.

Red worms come in many sizes, and very few meds touch them.

After testing about everything, only a few meds like Levamisole and FenBendazole have any effect.

Other meds can get stages.

The dose, times, patterns of meds are the hardest thing to get right.

The body must be in balance as well, all systems working, but with red infections there is a lot less sickness than with white worms. If you have flat worms or white worms, things get really complicated fast.

It will take all the meds I mentioned before, in precise time sequence.

Red worms are Nocturnal mostly, the evening is for killing adult meds,

The morning is for moping up any births or juveniles that survive so meds that work on that stage are dosed in the morning.

Meds have half lifes, most are short, so early on quite a few meds and supplements are required, till control is obtained.

Finally, after two life cycles of meds, reduction in the infection occurs. A worm life cycle for reds is typically 28 days, some parasite species are shorter or longer. Replication for certain red worms is less than 24 hours, so control can require certain meds be taken several times a day in smaller doses.

If a med is going to work, it usually works at a lower level, or nominal level. Dosing higher than standard doses should be avoided unless for a short period of time.

It took me a couple of years to figure all this stuff out, and I am still learning, but it is possible to put the infection into remission, and while some species can be eliminated, others are much harder, and could take years, or extended maintenance.

Several people have eliminated harder worms, it can take a concerted effort.

I likin parasites like peeling an onion, layers of infections that need to be removed till you get to the next inner layer.

I still get the impression you are underestimating the supplements that are required in the beginning.

After bacteria and yeast infections are spread around the body illness starts, acidosis, malabsorption, maldigestion, mineral loss, then system failures.

A hair analysis helps determine your body mineral and metal status.

pH of the tongue determines your enzyme function.

I was in the latter stage of systemic multiple infections, CNS, Memory loss and parkinsons when I determined my problem was parasites. Black came out of my pores, I smelled like a sewer, I was just about gone and had to learn all of this stuff in a very bad state. When Leukemia started I knew drastic action was required. Do not underestimate natural supplements, vitamins, and system support.

It all can be reversed, step by step, unwound and undone. The effort it takes depends on how long you go without intervention. The amount of supplements, flushing, bacterial and fungal control, and the amount of antiparasitics you need are huge, and way higher than you think. Even I cannot believe how much I have taken.

Some meds have limits, so use Care, and for meds like FenBen, there are limits on duration. So be conservative till you have everything in your daily formula working.

I suggest you read CZ. search and explore topic by topic. It is all here.

Getting meds, learning proper dosing, measuring, and timing take a lot of learning.

Fortunately we know a lot more today than a few years ago.

Doctors cant help much. Tests are very unreliable. Doctors stopped treating people back in the thirties, so they do not understand the scope of the problem.

Millions of tons of antiparasitics given to animals have made many of the parasites stronger than the meds. If you are lucky a med takes out a stage, or a species of parasite, but it is really hit or miss, exact and best med selection must be used, and following what others suggest, or say works, is essential.

CZ has a lot of useful and possibly the best source of information.

My prior email had some guidance for meds that work for red worm infections.

A lot of information is in my document revision 255. While the formula was for flat worms in the context of a complicated infection of whites and red worms, it does not contain a formula for whites or reds. They are found in my later CZ posts.

If you need additional help, send me a PM.

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