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Re: Busting biofilms, help please.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Busting biofilms, help please.

No I did not, I realised that it was a mistake to use such things in the colon.

The colon consists of biofilms which protect the bacteria from Antibiotics and other organisms. To use anything which could cause damage to them is a mistake and could have serious health consequences and alter the normal immune response.

I do not know what you are attempting to do but your problem most likely lies in your stomach even if you think that it is elsewhere. Infections can spread and seed from the stomach, including candida.

The difficulty with biofilms is that they (microorganisms) will quickly rebuild the biofilm unless they are prevented. They use metals to bind the structure together and polysaccharides to do this.

Quorum sensing inhibitors can manipulate their chemical messages so that they cannot communicate with other bacteria to reinforce/rebuild their biofilm. The method of quorum sensing needs to be known and appropriate herbs used to inhibit their messages so that they cannot signal to rebuild the biofilm.

Unfortunately unless the precise organism and strain is known this can be very difficult.

A more widely acting method is to use N-Acetyl-Cysteine which works against many types of organism and prevents them making EPS and breaks up mucous which helps to degreade the biofilm, especially when used with enzymes to break apart the biofilm. Then they cannot produce the EPS that they need to rebuild the biofilm. I had some success with this but did not realise how much was required and I used too little.

I have seen research which showed that the higher the concentration of NAC, the more EPS production was inhibited.

2 mg/mL had some effect but it was not until 8 mg/mL that the greatest effect was produced.

For my next attempt, when I have solved some other problems, I will use 10 mg/mL. When strong enzymes such as Interfaze+ are used and some additional EDTA, plus additional Serrapeptase and Nattokinase then I think I should get the result that I want. My aim is my stomach BTW.

I did have an effect against the bacteria on an earlier attempt, an effect producing a strong sensation which I had never experienced before. I was close but not quite close enough to destroy them. Using high amounts of NAC should help a great deal.

I did also use salicylic acid and white vinegar (acetic acid) to assist.

I do not recommend that you use this in the colon. If you do, you risk destroying your resident bacteria which you got from your mother. This would be a serious mistake IMO.

I have warned you, think very careful before doing this. There is probably other safer methods of accomplishing what you require.

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