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Help with detox: parasites? candida? other?
teddymack Views: 1,250
Published: 4 years ago

Help with detox: parasites? candida? other?

this post may be a but long but i really need some help.

ok so i'm a 21 year old male and i have been dealing with a host of problems the past 10 months (anxiety, depression, panic attacks, social phobia, insomnia, irritability, brain fog, low energy, muscle fatigue, heart palps, paranoia, pulsing sensations in hands, night terrors, stiff/achy joints, and more) seemingly out of nowhere and i went to the doctor and a cardiologist because i had never had a panic attack and i thought i was having heart problems. but come to find out my heart was actually in great shape and my blood pressure was good they told me i might have anxiety. i denied it at first because i didnt have any reasons to be anxious or depressed or anything like that and plus most of my symptoms were physical which were leading to these mental problems

i looked into my symptoms and i found that i may in fact have some mental issue. i didnt opt for anxiety meds/anti depressants so i decided to go the natural way because i just knew it HAD to be something wrong with my lifestyle, habits, etc.

i stopped drinking alcohol (i wasnt a heavy drinker i really only drank on weekends and that would range from catching a little buzz or getting smashed lol) and i stopped smoking cigarettes (i only smoked when i was drinking) and after 2 months i hadnt seen any real results

then i tried getting longer and more quality sleep (it was hard to do that with all of my symptoms). i flipped my mattress, got new sheets, new pillows, i took melatonin pills, drank warm milk, and diffused essential oils and barely made any difference becasue my overwhelming symptoms (the milk seemed to make it worse)

so then i read about nutritional deficiencies. i started taking magnesium pills and barely seen results. same with b complex, D3, upping my potassium, and more and still just very gradual progress. i also started using different supplements like fish oil, gingko, ashwaganda, 5 HTP, and others but still not much was happening.

however i really made a change though in these last 3 months. i read about leaky gut and its associations and thought oh wow this may be my problem. i then embarked on healing my guy.

i first changed my diet and started eating a paleo diet (i used to eat awful; fast foods, fried foods, starbucks coffees, white breads, sugary foods, frozen foods, canned foods, and hardly ate any vegetable or even fruit) and started using bone broth and l-glutamine powder. within the first month my mental symptoms had almost vanished: no more depression, my anxiety was gone, my brain fog was clearing up, i was finally sleeping better! i was like wow this is awesome! but my progress became kinda stagnant and i got frustrated.2 months in and while my mental problems were solved i was still having physical ones (mostly the muscle fatigue, the pulses, achy joints, and occasional heart palps)

then i read into yeast infections (candida) and started doing a cleanse. i used this stuff called candi-smart and was consuming 5 teaspoons of coconut oil and had some results. i also read about heavy metals and started using herbs to detox them.

but even after all of this i'm still having symptoms. the my most recent discovery: parasites. so the past 3 weeks i've been using diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal and have still been using coconut oil and this method has been good to me and i'm still having symptoms

so currently my only symptoms are occasional heart palps. muscle aches, and slightly achy joints. these sympotms arent as bad as they were but they get a lot worse in warmer temperatures (i live in the south and its in the 90's and very humid and also my arm veins pop out crazy adn i feel like i have no blood in my hands) or whenever i do something physical like play basketball, lift weight, run, or even yoga and i hate this because i miss exercising so much and these stupid symptoms have been preventing me for almost a year now.

so now thatbive put my problems in context heres my questions: does this sound like a parasitic problem, candida, or soemthing else? is there anything else i should try out to help eliminate then? becasue i have been doing WAY better than i was im just ready to get it over with and get back in the gym.

side note: my daily regimen is i mix a table spoon of DE in a cup of water and i drink another of just water afterwards and take 280mg of activated charcoal 1-2 hours before i eat anything. then i take 1000mg fish oil, 2000iu D3, a B-complex, and 5 grams of glutamine in a cup of unsweet almond milk with my 1st meal. my second meal i take another 1000mg fish oil along with 2000mg vitamin C, 35 billion CFU probiotic (i was taking 50 the last 2 months), and a 1200mg tart cherry extract capsule. my last meal ist yet another 1000mg fish oil along with 1000iu D3 and another 5 gram glutamine almond milk. then 3 hours after that meal i do another round of DE and 280mg charcoal but just a teaspoon of the DE.

also i have been alcohol/nicotine free for 9 months and caffiene free for 5.


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