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Re: top parasite myths. how to really kill parasites. 7 years experience and what i have learned

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Published: 15 months ago
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Re: top parasite myths. how to really kill parasites. 7 years experience and what i have learned

I've found cistus incanus tea to be helpful with biofilms. But I also used a Turpentine protocol (diamond g forest 100% Pure gum spirits per the Dr. Jennifer Daniels protocol - actually I started w/her protocol but my problem was a bit more advanced so I switched to Chris Millbank's protocol which was more effective) to be quite effective against not only parasites but candida and biofilms (I passed the parasites first, then the biofilms & candida)... I find it works best with castor oil instead of Sugar [I'm deathly afraid of Sugar myself as it does feed them]- esp freezing castor oil caps then taking the Turpentine in a homemade almond milk 15-20 min afterwards to also get them in the small intestine.
And, I'm not completely through- I still have another week to go on Turpentine & feel that though it seems like they're gone, that there's probably still some eggs left & some hiding out. My hormones still haven't returned to normal- my periods have stopped for 3 yrs and no one can find the cause- I've had every test, sonograms, discovery procedures - I've been to 4 specialists at some of the best hospitals in California & they all told me I'm ovulating, they can't find Any reason Why I'm not getting my period, I've tried Every type of diet, etc. And, I suddenly got IBS & massive food intolerances at the same time my period stopped. I had No idea I had parasites, I'd of Never even thought of it. It wasn't until I started an herbal parasite cleanse as part of a bigger herbal cleanse (that when I began the parasite part, thought it was totally unnecessary but just did it anyways) & then Saw parasites in the toilet that I realized I had a problem & needed something Much stronger (I tried the Hulda Clark herbs for a few months first before turpentine but they just weren't cutting it & I had die-off symptoms the whole time which was driving me really crazy).
I appreciate your post because I basically stopped eating solid food (just unsweetened green veggie juice & bone broth & the occasional homemade coconut or almond milk) & have been so afraid to re-introduce things & have been researching the right diet to begin to re-introduce solid foods; I've been craving avocados as well, so it's good to know that MUFAs are effective against them.
Also, these people saying your crazy have obviously never been through this- when I was at my worst besides the hormonal imbalance & crippling IBS, I also suffered from extreme brain fog, insomnia, fatigue and had No Idea Why for So Long- it wasn't until I accidentally discovered I had parasites & started dealing with it that those symptoms even began to lift. And, it's Incredibly hard to get accurately tested for it- I've brought samples into my doctor, into an Infectious Disease & GI specialist [my mom made me go to the doctor- at first she didn't believe me either until I Showed her what I was expelling & then she believed me] - all of the doctors I showed my samples to agreed that they were Not "human", not part of my body & Not a food item; yet I did numerous stool samples, all came back negative.. When I did more research on stool & PCR testing, it's Really inaccurate/ineffective & actually quite an outdated test- serology based assays are considered the "gold standard" in diagnosing this (which I still might get but for some reason, though I keep asking, my doctors haven't ordered one yet even though they have all of my samples at the lab and they are all to this date "unidentified" & no one can even guess what else these things are other than parasites. They've prescribed me a single dose of Albendazole which I've put off taking until all of my natural treatments are through since in single dose, it only has a cure rate of 17-34% and only really kills adult Ascaris (though it kills fluke & tape eggs) & I believe I not only have Ascaris but flukes as well and quite possible a tape as I expelled something that was 9" long that looked like a tape worm skin & something else flat that was almost 15" long, both are still at the lab with my samples of flukes & round worms, all yet to be properly identified as parasites yet have been excluded as belonging to my body or as food. So, for some reason in the west/in the current modern medical system, it seems to be really hard to diagnose. I've been thinking of trying to see a naturopathic doctor because they seem to be much more versed in this issue (when my Internist saw my samples she referred me to infectious disease & GI saying the problem was to big for her to deal with & she had no idea how to properly treat it).
Cheers & thanks for the info!

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