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Plant minerals & nails
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Published: 5 years ago

Plant minerals & nails

Plant minerals have really helped my nails.

My nails were so soft and they would split all the time. I would get them caught on things, they would snag and split all the way into the bed.

Light went right through them- they are so massively see-thru.

But just in this past month, my nails are very white. People used to always ask me why my nails were so white. I just assumed it was because they never got stained from polish.

And now they get effortlessly long because they are hard. (Not super hard, but at least they don't bend anymore). No splitting or snagging.

I'm not interested in having long nails. I'm just excited about what this means for my health.

During detox and rebuilding, all energy goes to the major organs first (heart, lungs, liver, brain, kidneys)

Then it went to my immunity, joints, teeth and bones.

Then to my skin and hair.

Now it's finally gone to my nails. Nails are not necessary to body function, so it makes sense that it took so long to finally build in my nails. I am officially in the excess! My nails are back to where they were before chronic fatigue.

HOWEVER...back to normal is not 'ideal'. I believe everyone should have very, very strong, thick nails. I have NEVER had that. That will be even more exciting! It will mean at 40 years old, I am in better shape health wise than any time in my life, because I will have more available minerals than ever before.

Plus, my nail beds are pale. It's because my thyroid and circulation are still weaker than they should be. Nail beds should be quite a bit deeper pink (on my skin tone) than my hand color.

So I still have many changes ahead to get to my genetic ideal. But it's just been fun to see all these changes!

Raw plants have a free electron through photosynthesis. This free ion attaches to anything that doesn't belong in our bodies. It allows us to detox, anti-age, lose weight, and get to our genetic potential.

Here's what I eat in a day. If you are a heavy animal product eater, this may not look like much food. However, as your fiber and plant minerals (PH) goes up, you need less food to meet your nutritional needs. The result is your stomach shrinks.

Mine has shrunk 2 times now. I used to be able to drink more than a 1L of juice, then it went down to 750ml, now it's maybe 600ml.

I eat:

3-4 stomach-fulls of fruit in the morning
1 or 2 fats (durian, nuts&seeds, veganese, avocado ect)
2-3 veggie dishes, plus sauce, and sometimes starch/beans in the afternoon
500ml of seaweed and miso soup
and I make juice (fruit and/or green/purple) depending on what I have available.

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