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Re: Levamisole hcl dose
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Levamisole hcl dose

<< Zinc, Iodine enemas, Mebendazole, pyrantel and fenbendazole is an interesting combination.

Iodine and Selenium are one way to open the Metal ion pathway. >>

I could write a lot here but I won't. Just read the Cutler book with an open mind, take it in and then see if it relates to your information. I will be happy to have a conversation about this if you read his books.

<< Zinc is frequently used by white worms as part of their micromolar enzyme chemistry. To pierce their signaling, Carnitall, or such way to cut through their enzymes, magnesium sulfate, MSM, Levamisole levels is able to change the human mucus membrane to not favor parasites, or weaken adult GI by an order of magnitude. >>

Ever since I started zinc supplementation my immune system is a lot stronger, ridges in nails have healed, and I don't get colds or flus. Everything in my body feels better with zinc. It is one of the best supplements I tried.

Too early to tell about levamisole. I took too much today so need to rest and shake it off.

Magnesium sulfate just gives me diarrhea. I take magnesium orotate and this has helped more than zinc.

I can take a lot of msm, but in the past I could not tolerate sulfur supplements or foods. Take the time to read Cutler's books about this. You are probably damaging some of your patients who are mercury toxic.

No one knows which is the bigger beast of parasite or heavy metals.

<< Since Zinc favors parasites, it is best to avoid anything greater than 30 or 50 mg of Zinc Chelate per day long term. >>

RESULTS: G. lamblia infections were reduced and A. lumbricoides infections increased among children in the combined vitamin A and zinc group or the zinc alone group, respectively. Durations of Giardia infections were reduced among children in all 3 treatment arms, whereas Ascaris infections were reduced in the vitamin A and zinc group. In contrast, E. histolytica infection durations were longer among zinc-supplemented children. Finally, E. histolytica- and A. lumbricoides-associated diarrheal episodes were reduced among children who received zinc alone or a combined vitamin A and zinc supplement, respectively. >>

Anyway I don't put much stock in these types of studies. Who is to say that the increase in some species wasn't just an extended die-off period.

<< Zinc is a early supplement that must be controlled in its level later in the treatment process. >>

I take it all as opinion, even the information with cited studies. These are the same studies put forth by corrupt institutions, so you can't both be saying not to trust the medical establishment and trust the medical establishment's studies.

Well, you can of course, but it would be obvious to most people that there is a bit of a contradiction in logic.

<< Metals are Magnesium, Potassium, Boron for GI Liver, Copper to open immune and Copper ion chemistries. Chromium helps remove bacteria from the brain.>>

I don't hear any mention of sodium. Low adrenal function and potassium is a very bad combination. Sodium is also very high up on the alkaline metals list.

You can learn about Iodine on the Iodine forum. Most of the people there take salt and it helps the majority. I originally started iodine enemas just as a way to sterilize the water but realized it was killing parasites very effectively.

Mercury toxicity causes copper retention. You can learn about this from the Cutler books. If someone has compromised adrenal function plus mercury, which is pretty much everyone with serious infections, and you're telling people now to take both potassium supplements and copper you will make them a lot worse.

There are also a lot of copper toxic people out there, especially women with hormonal and menstrual syndromes. Taking copper is the very worst thing they can do. If you are limiting zinc and taking copper in any appreciable dose good luck to you with that. Long term that can be one of the most dangerous things in your book.

Between zinc, magnesium orotate, iodine, and all the parasite killing I got my brain almost back to where I was 30 years ago doing fourier transforms for fun.

I take boron here and there. The form of it is important as some are toxic. I mentioned this to you by email.

I take chromium here and there. It doesn't feel good presently.

<< There are so many things to say about Sulfate Minerals, and Sulfur in every molecule. I did Zinc Sulfate at over 600mg and over 30 days. WHO med. Thereafter I reduced Zinc input as much as possible to kill white worms. CDC study children shows cannot kill Ascaris if Zinc or Vitamin A palmitate is used with Antiparasitics. >>

I was killing tons of roundworms while supplementing zinc. I this this information is incorrect.

<< Avoid 9 cis vitamin A molecule, look at 13 cis trans retinolic acid. Rose Hip seeds. >>

I don't take vit. A, but I get plenty of carotene from fruit juice.

<< FenBen is the designer med to replace Mebendazole. MBZ can be dosed once a week like a super Probiotic, clears out lots of microbes that worms use in their gi to make them more acid. >>

I was dosing properly with mebendazole according the the mayo clinic dosing schedule at 100mg twice a day.

I took it for about a year so far and it helped relieve gas pressure and weakened roundworms but it didn't kill them. I had to add in zinc, herbs and iodine enemas and a lot of other things I can't remember right now. It was the combination that killed them.

<citric acid and calcium salts in the body skill. pH on the tongue higher than 6.5. A spectrum of salts help the body deal with parasite acid, cellular wastes and pathways, and the ability to have the body alkaline enough is a trick.>>

I agree electrolytes are very important.

Saliva tests are not accurate imo. My ph is perfect and has been for a long time. But at the same time I have a lot of symptoms of acidosis. The theory is that the body pulls in calcium from bones to mainatin fluid akalinity, but from the inside out you degrade. This is probably happening to me, but I haven't found any calcium supplements that help.

Calcium carbonate is one of the worst things I ever took. Most of these types of vitamin formulas like the NOW multi are not good. Often you find they are mostly good, but then there are one or two bad apples in the bunch.

<< Pyrantel 2.2mg/kg at 9PM liquid 50mg/ml in fruit on the bottom yogurt, with one teaspoon rounded powder Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa 12:1 extract. >>

Pyrantel seems to help and dieoffs are getting less intense. Still need time to experiment with it. Also really need to order some of that nppz you recommend to try it out, I have very low expectations.

<< Pyrantel and Levamisole hit reds

Pyrantel and FenBen hit reds and whites. >>

Pyrantel high dose can be system clearing, when taken at 10mg/kg single dose, taken every 3 weeks long term clearing protocol.>>

Could be.

FenBen and OXBen are systemic clearing white worm combination.

<< When antiparasitics are mixed in a chord, they make a sound that attacks various Parasitic infections. >>

You are probably correct on this, but I really don't know for sure. A lot of what you are doing is experimentation. I'm doing the same but not passing it off as fact.

<< Problem is the chords that are documented in common locations are all wrong. >>

Could be. Information is so corrupted these days. The only advantage I have is that I've been sick for a long time and get a feeling for what works and what doesn't by feeling them out.

<< Levamisole slow and low ramp, anti zinc metals, Ion, pH, citric acid , Calcium, Selenium and Iodine, pulse MBZ Mebendazole, pyrantel Low dose can be taken for years at Noel kind of dosing levels, and fenbendazole, 4mg/kg/D women, 5mg/kg/D men.

Anti zinc metals sounds like a terrible idea to me. I have to go easy on selenium since it moves mercury around. I will probably never be rid of mercury.

<< I would be tempted to include Larvacides PZQ and DEC doses to manage the infection. >>

I have taken a few doses of prazi, not sure if it works well. Need to go back to it. I was mainly on mebendazole for this year.

<< Pulses of IVM 9PM in yogurt, 2 days on, day(s) off pattern will help clear red worms. >>

Ivermectin will have to wait a while.

I have a suspicion that you are 100% wrong about zinc, but I need to test it out further when I get a chance. I'm going to only supplement zinc, no other medications or anything, just zinc and enemas and I will see if it speeds up parasite killing.

You might want to look into how arl or tei interprets hair tests. There is a huge body of clinical data from them. It is a lot more involved than just looking for out of range values. For example, low values can indicate toxicity.


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