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Parasites, "delusional parasitosis", mis-diagnosis, worms

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Published: 17 months ago

Parasites, "delusional parasitosis", mis-diagnosis, worms

Parasites, "delusional parasitosis", mis-diagnosis, worms, flukes, morgellons, medical community

For the thousands of people who were told by their doctors that there is nothing "physical" wrong with you - you only THINK you have parasites, and are suffering from "delusional parasitosis", have faith in yourselves to find a cure.

There ARE solutions and remedies out there, even if their doctor(s) don't acknowledge it, miss the diagnosis, act dismissive, and/or are condescending to you.

My own experience has led me to discover that I was absolutely correct (of course;) in identifying I had a parasite problem (HOW COULD I IGNORE WHAT I AND OTHERS CLOSE TO ME "SAW" EVERY DAY in pustule breakouts, channels, crusting, scarring, etc?!), but incorrectly focused on just the most obvious symptoms (skin parasites) and assumed it was a mite infestation (or ONLY a mite infestation), when it was actually internally based, with ground zero being my GI tract. When I applied or dosed the usual meds (Permethrin, Benzyl Bezoate, Sulfer exilers, Ivermectin, etc etc etc), it would knock it down (dead giveaway it was parasitic). But it would soon (2-3 days) crank back up and once it reaches crusted phase, it is very hard to knock down. I was diagnosed by the only doctor (dermatoligist) who bothered to do scrapings, with excessive demodex population - she treated best she could but recommended seeing an ID physician - i moved before that could happen and in endless cycle of going to dermatologists in new city who won't recommend an ID doctor!

I wish I had connected the GI issue earlier rather than waste time and money on Dermatologists (and subject myself to degrading innappropriate comments in two cases). My dog first contracted everything I got later - I connected that his mange like issues were very similar to my skin issues - I just didn't connect the possibility that his worm infestation could also be my problem.

But hey, we go to doctors and RELY upon their professional advise with the confidence they have the skill and aptitude to figure all this out and how to cure it. It's not something we SHOULD have resolve ourselves. I DID tell them about my dog and how he contracted mange and worms and later I had mite like symptoms (obvious ones not self inflicted or imagined). I brought in microscopic photos slides and samples - all completely disregarded and dismissed!

Doctors and allied health treatment/care givers, here is my message to you: GIVE SOME CREDIBILITY TO PATIENTS FOR KNOWING THEIR BODIES AND WHEN SOMETHING IS "NOT RIGHT"! Ask questions, and listen and respect patients thoughts. Get your butts into some research time on parasitic infections, think outside the box when necessary, and focus on finding effective treatments. USE COMMON SENSE IN ORDERING LAB TESTS, and if tests are producing a "negative" results, find another lab who does more intricate testing. Use NIH studies, CUREZONE and other online forums as "ancillary" or "incidental" research...LOOK at the shear volume of people affected and ask yourself if it is logical to assume most are delusional, or is this something that indicates we have a problem.

You are smart enough to graduate from medical school, get through your residency, and start with or startup/buy your practice, so you are most definitely smart enough to find solutions to the problems posted throughout the CUREZONE and other forums, that is more frequently than ever documented in other countries outside the USA and Europe, and has been discussed MUCH more frequently over the past 5 years inside the medical and related community, with a significant and noteable increase in parasite sufferers asking for help...the odds that even 20% are "delusional" are greater than the odds of picking the lotto numbers correctly.

There IS a problem going on, it is getting rapidly worse, and it's very likely to continue worsen. Just because the CDC doesn't weight its significance, does not mean it is not a significant problem - they rely upon physicians like YOUSELF to report such. Can you with good conscience, ignore or pass over this issue and send patients away?

Don't blame us if we go out and seek a cure elsewhere if you dismiss us! IF you were in our shoes, you would do exactly the same thing - 100% certainty on that!

Your "15 minute per patient" time window is not always enough time - please ask more in depth questions, listen to patients, and "think"!

In my case, the best professional support I got was from a good scientific microscope. A HIGHLY recommended purchase before you throw away cash on endless "possible" treatments.

The best (actually ONLY) treatment ideas I got was from forums like CureZone (NIH posts some good studies too).

Once I started trusting what I "saw" (using the microscope), trusting myself (never been a problem), and went looking inside (missed that one for two years), the difference in treatment and recovery has been amazing.

Read my other posts amd see my photos for more detail.

I am still in the middle of treatment, but NO skin issues for over 30 days - that is a record for me.

Physical and emotional state great (we all know how stressful and life changing these issues are - for physicians who don't, may the worse parasite infect your bowels (and get cured and start educating your peers - you could clean up in growing your practice!).

For those sufferers with skin based morgellons demodex scabies and worm issues, please pay attention to your intestinal health and start looking there (flush or get intestinal parasite meds and see if you can flush out parasites). Chances are THAT is where issues started or got cranked up, and that is where you need to focus your treatment.

I believe that more than 50% of those who think their issue(s) is mites or morgellons, are actually infected by one or more intestinal parasite.

Easy to find out (lots of advice in this site and NIH studies, etc)...Flush them out! Use either "natural" means (countless advisories here on that) or using meds (ie. albendenzole/valbazen, praziquantel, fenbendazole, oxibendazole ivermectin, and others) available by resourceful folks without prescription and at vast cost savings over prescribed versions.

Chances are, your GI tract is the core of your problems (again, please pay special attention to this morgellons sufferers).

I know I have a substabtial road ahead / this is no one day or three day treatment to cure process, despite what a doctor or nurse might prescribe - They are simply ignorant and lack practical relevant experience in diagnosing and treating parasites, and are prone to believing that 90% of patients who come in to their practice thinking that they have parasites, are in some form delusional.

Most sufferers are in fact NOT delusional, Moreover, the majority are at their wits end when they arrive at doctors office, and/or have been told over and over again its in their head. They are embrassed to admit they have parasites, afraid they may infect others, and concerned they be ostracized by coworkers or friends as though they were infected with leprosy.

By the time a doctor sees one of these stressed-out, frustrated, and often desperate patients, it is no wonder the delusional parasitosis diagnosis is applied.

So fellow sufferers, have faith - there is a reason and REAL medical cause for your issues. Just because a doctor doesn't know or isn't exposed to the issue, doesn't mean it does not exist. Overseas in "developing" countries, delusional diagnosis doesn't get thrown around.

The USA medical community needs to pay attention and THINK about the noteably large number of supposed delusional paratosis diagnosis - is everyone posting on this site delusional? Are there ANY on here delusional? (Probably, but likely to be < 1%).

Im a prominently known person and when I'm done with fully ridding myself )or managing my issue if its incurable), I'm going out publically and using my influence to help take this out of the shadows.

Hope others do as well. Fear of what others might think is NOT in play in my book. Nor should it have to be.


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