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Tonsil stones solved
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Published: 4 years ago

Tonsil stones solved

About a year ago I started noticing these little foul smelling whitish stones coming from my throat. I wouldn't say I'm a long term sufferer but it has obviously being an underlying issue for me, I have always been conscious of my breath.
It started maybe one every few weeks but as the year progressed and I became more conscious of these it became more common as in a couple every week. This is when my obsession with finding a cause and cure began. I have had sleepless nights over this and I'm glad to say I an rest easy now.
I didn't actually realize how many folds and crevasses are contained on your tonsil and started off just poking with whatever I could find that wasn't sharp so like a handle of a brush. Without much success the poking wasn't helping and they continued to haunt me. I was and still am so paranoid about my breath as these stones smell like nothing you have smelled before absolutely vile.
A lot of the should be solutions do not work, poking alone will not rid the particles and they will quickly form again, the same for gargling / brushing / flossing / coughing. Before I describe my method, one thing I need to say is - GET TO KNOW YOUR TONSILS. You need to know the location of every crevasse and fold to keep them impeccably clean.
Once I located some crevasses I was utterly shocked in how much gunk they could hold.
Here is my method, I can say since I started this my breath is a lot fresher every morning, but the key is CONSISTENCY.
The winning thing I have discovered a specialized Syringe with a long bendy nose that allowed you to fill with liquid and insert gently into the crypts and folds and rinse with high pressure.
Just google search Monoject syringe to view it.

Every night -
1 - Floss thoroughly
2 - Scrape Tongue with teaspoon
3 - Fill small bowl with 100mm Water and salt.
4 - Set up a light in a comfortable position so both hands are free, fill syringe with water mixture and begin to flush out tonsils completely.
5 - Once tonsils are completely flushed check again and press with finger to put pressure on the crevasses, ensure all discharge etc is non existent.
6 - Gargle AGGRESSIVELY with remainder of salt water.
7 - Brush teeth very well (I use an electric toothbrush)
8 - Brush tongue (I use a soft bristled manual brush)
9 - Gargle Non alcoholic Listerine.

This takes me approx 15 minutes every night but gladly it is effective and I cannot reiterate how important consistency is.

I am still coming to terms with having to do this for the rest of my like and am not against a tonsillectomy sometime.
I actually jabbed the back of my throat badly with the syringe once and was in so much pain and sick of the process I was sure to go for the operation but I haven't even had an initial consultation yet so it is still a bit off.
This has disturbed me so much, I just hope it can help somebody else.
I'm interested in comments on surgery and if I should / shouldn't consider.

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