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Parasitic Manipulation
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Published: 6 years ago

Parasitic Manipulation

Hello everybody,

New here.

I have something interesting and frightening that I want to share to see if anyone has any feedback/suggestions or similar stories to tell.

I've been dealing with parasites, Lyme, heavy metals, and black mold for 7+, years. I've gotten a lot better.

I'm still struggling with parasites though.

I've taken parasite herbs and meds for 5+ years on and off. I was really infested. I've gotten tons out.

But I've always felt like there was something bigger and more malicious still hanging around. I've always been bloated and always thought it must be leaky gut. Trying to fix leaky gut would bring some relief but I knew there was something more.

I've been experimenting with Turpentine for a year. Its been the most promising thing I've ever used. For 6 months I used it everyday and expelled swampy stuff consistently. One day I took two tablespoons and 12 hrs later I felt a bite and then release in my gut. The color in my face instantly came back. I forgot how nice my skin tone had been. Dark circles gone. Anxiety gone. Mental clarity back. It was incredible. Two hours later I was feeling my usual, unwell self.

Flash forward to this last week- I had been taking 1 tbsp everyday. Daily I was getting out 3+ feet ropes. Then, now this is where it gets weird, two days ago, in the morning, I took my usual tbsp. I followed it an HR later with my DE, psyllium, clay, lemon, charcoal drink. The same thing I had been doing everyday.

Okay, ready for the weirdness?

I woke up or more accurately "came to" 18 hrs later. I was in my room. I was covered in poop. I was naked. I looked at the clock and it was 4 am. I smelled a disgusting, necrotic odor. I followed it to a corner of my room and there was a massive pile of diarrhea. I'm absolutely terrified and shocked. I go downstairs, still nude. I find my mom in the bathroom cleaning a bunch of crap off the floor. She's crying. She looks at me with the most fowl, disgusting look she's ever worn. She thinks I did it on purpose, and if I was a detective I would think the same. I hop in the shower to clean all this poop off. Bits and pieces of memories of the last few hours start trickling back into my mind. I remember pacing back and forth in my room. I was panicky and for some reason I thought I had just murdered someone, "oh my God, what are you going to do? What if someone finds out?". I was shaking with fear. I live upstairs in a remodeled attic, and I remember routinely going to the the entrance to the stairs that go down and having the thought that I'd be better off killing myself. I would convince myself it was the only way but then I would realize my grip on the rail and change my mind. I remember doing this a few times. That's all I remember.

This story may seem dramatized but it all happened. I've started to separate myself from it and pretend it was a dream. It's nice to think that this happened to someone else and I'm just relaying it to you.

But it happened to me and I'm worried.

Has this happened to anyone? I know from reading experiences on here that they have the ability to manipulate us into backing off and implanting a false feeling of compassion towards them. I've heard of people feeling like murderers for wanting their parasites dead. Is it possible that they have enough power to kill off a host, or more likely frighten a host into backing off, when their identity has been compromised and they lose their grip?

My belief now is that they thought their time was nearing so they took control and made me defecate everywhere, in some attempt to get into my housemates' bodies. Is this rational?

I didn't want to share this next part because it is even more bizarre but I think it could be important: the same night/morning of this incident while I was in my room getting ready for sleep my awesome doggy, named Pokey, started freaking out and whimpering and whining and following something around my room. I didn't feel a presence of anything in the room but he sure did. It took me a few minutes to calm him down. He's done that before but he's never been that intent on bringing my attention to it. I don't think I have to explain the implications of this.

Thanks! I love this forum! I've lurked and learned for years. Even without replying or interacting it's nice to know I'm not alone. People suffer but we get better because everyone shares!

Oh, I forgot, I've also been taking bloodroot. I haven't stopped that. I did decide to stop the Turpentine mostly because my mom is understandably wigged out

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