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Ok letís assume youíre vata/kapha for the time being,
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Published: 4 years ago
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Ok letís assume youíre vata/kapha for the time being,

Ok let's assume you're vata/kapha for the time being, which one is primary is unknown.

Google for vata/kapha diet. It is important to eat seasonally. Autumn is vata season and spring is kapha.

For water drinking, first boil your water down from a ratio of 2:1 ie pour two cups of water into pot, boil down to 1 cup, cool it off and drink warm.

Better is to add fennel, cumin, ginger.

Ginger should be a big part of your life as it pacifies vata and kapha well. You can juice it, grind it and cook with it, have it in tea, add it to your orange juice. Garlic also should help. Also look into asafoetida. But all of these are covered if you google a little bit.

Mint should also help with bloating to some degree. But if the main cause is parasites you have to address that. Diet will interact with the parasites but sometimes you have to just attack.

Between vata and kapha all of the savory and pungent spices are covered so more spices are in order, herb teas with any of the spices that you like.

Have a try with Realsalt (brand name from Utah salt lake beds), different colors of himalayan salt, and okinawan salt.

Why do you stop at half a glass of orange juice? I guess this is a good compromise between vata and kapha, though if you feel good with banana and orange (sweet?), then maybe you don't have a problem with sweets. It's very important for fruit to be ripe and sweet. I think adding in ginger to your fruit juice will help tremendously.

If you can get into the sun a lot during the summer that would be good.

Vata should not eat anything cold out of the refrigerator; everything should be cooked fresh, even water should be cooked (boiled). I would try avoiding salads and see how that goes. Then go back to it and see the difference.

Lemons!!!! A good drink is lemonade made with raw honey and a pinch of salt. Raw honey only. Rqw honey can be very good for both kapha and vata.

Try some asian fish sauce for a source of natural iodine.

Don't jump back into taking thyroid hormone unless you are supervised or feel confident you can self treat properly. The hormones must not be synthetic, and there are only a very few brands that are natural now. You could try a raw thyroid glandular, not sure how easy it is to get these now but i think there are New Zealand sources?

Brazil nuts are a source of selenium, not tyrosine. Tyrosine is an amino acid found in protein foods and I think spirulina.

Cook all of your foods except fruit, and even fruit you might want to try cooked.

Have some ginger/lemon/salt drink a little before eating to help bloating.

You will probably have to get back into parasite and Liver Cleansing again, but first do as much diet work as you can, I think a lot of this will help you and it will make the next cleansing a lot easier. Look into taking a good mineral supplement and maybe a good food source multivitamin.

People on the parasite forum will help you and there is plenty of help in the Liver Flush Forum .


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