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Re: Adult Onset Eczema - Help!!!
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Adult Onset Eczema - Help!!!

My skin was a bit mixed. I started out with dry flaky skin when I reached 16. Which could of been thyroid related but there was far more than this. My pituitary gland and hypothalamus was partly destroyed as shown in my iris by a black mark through both. I was not aware of this at the time, not for about 10 years later. It actually occurred when I was 12 when I had a very severe headache, sensitive to light.

I used some Aloe gel on my face which caused scaly scabs to form and the skin became extremely dry and tight. This was really severe and looked and felt terrible and was very uncomfortable. The skin would not heal. I went to TCM herbalist shortly after this which helped improve things. It never got rid of the dryness which did vary depending upon the foods I ate. At the time I was not aware of leaky gut, although I did make a connection with the foods I ate affecting things.

Have you ever checked your stomach acid levels? I read many books on Iridology, GAPS, Increased Intestinal Permeability Syndrome and others. I did a stomach acid test, which did show very low levels.
Someone on this forum asked whether HCl fixed hypochlorhydria. I thought about this and noticed that after I took HCl I burped repeatedly whenever I took HCl capsules. The burning which is meant to indicate too much HCl only happened very briefly and then stopped. More HCl resulted in increased burping and took around 12 capsules to reach a burning which quickly diminished after burping. I worked out the cause of this and why people have hypochlorhydria. I started spitting out saliva while I was digesting protein and my stomach acid increased but if I swallowed saliva, I burped and stomach acid diminished. I then came across urease, an enzyme used by some bacteria to produce ammonia which is an alkaline. The ammonia neutralizes stomach acidity. Saliva is a source of Urea which is used by Urease enzyme to produce ammonia to stop stomach acid which is a threat to a biofilm. Stomach acid can damage/degrade a biofilm. Although they do adapt and can get around this.

Be aware that hair loss can be caused by poor protein digestion ie lack of amino acids. Chances are that you have hypochlorhydria and your protein digestion is very poor. Your stomach is almost certainly compromised which leaves it open to infection as the stomach is intelligent and attempts to keep it free of infection by parasites and bacteria. Unfortunately it can fail and be compromised.

Swallowing an acid such as lemon juice or vinegar can test this. Prepare some sodium bicarb in warm water. Then prepare some lemon juice or vinegar in about 100ml of warm water. Wash around the mouth to mix saliva and then swallow it. Then quickly wash the sodium bicarb around the mouth and then spit out. DO NOT swallow the sodium bicarb or it will neutralise the acid, it is only meant to eliminate any acid on your teeth. Swallow some saliva and see if you burp.

These infections have to be urease positive to survive in the stomach. Helicobacter Pylori is urease positive and there are other bacteria too. All of these bacteria cause leaky gut. It is caused by their biofilm which replaces sections of stomach mucosa.

These bacteria also compromise methylation processes because methylation begins in the stomach. Taking some MSM can be helpful as it supplies much needed methyl groups. It can also help reduce inflammation. It's helpful to take it with ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

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