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Re: 60 days completed
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: 60 days completed

I'm not an athlete. But after my last 29.5 day fast I wanted to gain lean muscle and stay in my teens for my body fat. I really was quite successful at some good solid lean gains. From 40kg nov 1st after my fast, to 58kg by the start of this fast at 16%. Not perfect, but I did need some extra fat for my fast.

I gained for 15 days after breaking before starting body weight training, then about a week later weights.

I would have a drink I call my green dream.
Organic hemp powder
Moringa powder
Chia seeds
Diluted yoghurt
Nut spread/ tahina
Soaked goji or dates
Possibly a banana (or just skip)
And coconut oil or coconut butter
Some times slippery elm.

Research the protein in that!!!! I calculated something like 38.9g... (900cal) A meal really... But I would be so truly nourished. People around me wondered what I was on. So satisfying I wouldn't need anything but water.

Then I would train and feel amazing. I'd make a large one and have half before half after.
It's pretty high cal, but you might need it.

I did my macros and very loosely stuck to them to gain, after my initial long refeed transition to solids. I wanted a guide as to what my body actually needed. Give yourself maybe 3 weeks to be eating normally.

For now have watery veg broth with mung dhal or lentils cooked until liquid. Mung/ dhal/ lentils is Excellent protein. Try to go as long as you can without the animal protein / in the end I had to have it due to severe protein deficiency my body was unable to tolerate any food without protein.. Yes yoghurt was a god sent at that time!

Later lightly steamed green beans, broccoli, and peas are good. Amranth greens is up to 20% protein, and spinach is high. Grab some alfalfa or mung and sprout it. It's amazing live food!

Later on you can try;
Amranth grain
White or kidney Beans
Steal cut oats
Eseene bread.

To be honest my main safe happy protein was brocoli, peas, adding rice when I was able to.
Try to keep ketosis by using fat as you fuel I once you are eating fully. For me personally it's great for lean gains... Others need more carbs.
If you do go to animal proteins or should you need to, I would suggest eggs. But you will notice this will change your body drastically -especially your fecies. It will never be the same after. You need to fast again to get that "pure plant" digestion back.

Be careful with rice. I used to only eat brown. But I was a bit intolerant and had to switch to white for a while....and I also was eating rose matta which is very healthful. Tread carefully with grains.

I personally shun soy as a food. But I guess everyone has their own views on that.

Hope this helps! It's tricky breaking the fast!


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