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Didn't Take My Iodine, Suffering for it Now
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Published: 4 years ago

Didn't Take My Iodine, Suffering for it Now

Hello!  I am new to this site as far as posting goes, but have been here many times to read about certain things.  I was brought to the site years ago concerning iodine supplementation.  When I found out about iodine and the rampant deficiency most everyone has, I immediately started taking it.  I didn't keep up with it on a regular basis and I am kicking myself now.  

When I initially started taking it, I went through a lot of the detox symptoms, and when they got to be too annoying to me, I slowly slacked off (specifically eye floaters and the taste in my mouth.)  Now, I am suffering the symptoms of hypotryroidism and it wasn't until last week when I started having difficultly swallowing that I realized my problem - not enough iodine!  

I think my body has been telling me for at least six months that something was wrong, but I have been ignoring it thinking it had to be deficiencies in other things.  (It very well may be also, I don't doubt that, but I also am a very regular vitamin and mineral taker.)  I am very physically active, weightlifting etc, and that was what I was blaming the tiredness on. I've also been experiencing aches and pains (unexplained tennis elbow), spaciness, forgetfulness, moodiness, heavier monthly cycle, and recently I've gained weight, the list goes on.  My difficulty swallowing, I couldn't ignore.  

So, I have been taking 10 drops a day of a lugols solution for about 6 days now.  My dose is at about 62 mg a day.  I am doing all the co-supplements which I didn't do as dilligently years back when I was first introduced to iodine.  I have the tast in my mouth but taking salt seems to help this.  I am breaking out with a few pimples, but that is about it.  Yesterday, my neck was very tender and I do feel a lump on both sides where my tyroid is - I have no doubt it is enlarged.  I can't see that it looks much different than usual though, and I have had a sore neck here on and off for a little while before I realized my problem, but not this tender.  

My energy levels are up some, but my swallowing is still annoying me and I get panicky every now and again.  I can take pills fine, I can breath alright, it's just certain foods are hard to go down.  Has anyone else been in this situation, and about how long should I expect this to go on before more results are noticed.  

I truly believe I am on the right track, and I am so upset with myself cause I knew better to not be taking iodine regularly.     


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