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Beware of Anna Deeter! She can't help you with eliminating stuttering!
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Published: 5 years ago

Beware of Anna Deeter! She can't help you with eliminating stuttering!

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to inform you about Anna Deeter, a fraudster who can help you to "eliminate stuttering in 3 days" for $8,000. This is my second post about the fraudsters who promise elimination of stuttering in 3 days. After reading it, you’ll be able to save $8,000 for your family. Read the post and also watch the video in YouTube under the name "Anna Deeter - review: CAUTION!" For those, who already lost the money, it will show an elementary way to a mental equilibrium. I’ll try to explain what these people do and who they are in more detail. These fraudsters operate in the US with impunity because you don’t understand that you’re being deceived, while my task is to explain how they do it. The business of any fraudster is to make sure that you believe in fake and that you pay for it. And we won’t let them do it.

Why I do this.

To begin with, I don’t have any business in the United States and there’s no need for me to advertise anyone. I’m a grateful person by nature and I always look for an opportunity to repay for help. I couldn’t even imagine that I’d have an opportunity to thank America for repeated assistance to Russia and the Russian people. America helped during the time of famine in Russia in 1892, about which a famous artist Aivazovsky even created several paintings. America helped at difficult times after the Revolution of 1917 and during the industrialization period – all turbines in old Russian hydropower stations are American. America helped Russia a lot during the Second World War: most of the gunpowder, food for soldiers and trucks were American. Also, the US helped Russia after the Soviet Union collapsed: everyone knows and remembers those chicken legs that every Russian ate and called them “Bush legs.” I’m infinitely grateful for the help that the American people and America provided to Russia. I have no right to miss my chance to repay for kindness with truth.

Anna Deeter and Roman Snezhko argue that stuttering is not an illness or a disease. What for?

Watch a short video first (in the video). You’ll see severe spasms during stuttering generalized into hyperkinesia. This is stuttering. This is an illness. In an adult person, stuttering affects not only speech and communication, but often even physiology and anatomy. Stuttering is a symptom of neurotic constitution of a person who can suffer not only from this disease of the nervous system, but from a number of others along the way. So why do these fraudsters claim that stammering is not a disease? First of all, they just don’t have medical education, they can’t get a license, they can’t pass any expertise, they don’t have experience, and therefore they assiduously prove that this is not a disease. In the US, like in any other country, medical practice done by people without proper education is punishable – this is why so many false words are said. Don’t believe the liars, don’t be gullible, and don’t let yourself to be deceived!

Who are Anna Deeter and Roman Snezhko?

According to what she claims, Anna Deeter is a speech therapist of the first (not the highest) category, who worked at a kindergarten in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Her salary was about $3,000 a year. Don’t be surprised and try to understand logic of these people. By the way, no one knows whether she has higher education or not, since nobody saw Deeter’s diploma. But let’s leave this obsessive lady and move on to her false genius and teacher. In her video, Anna Deeter shows two documents of Roman Snezhko in proof of his recognition. Both documents were provided with a purpose to deceive people. The first document is a diploma of an academician from some MADENM academy. There’s no such state academy in Russia. However, there’s a public organization under this name with three founders that isn’t even registered with the Ministry of Justice of Russia, that is, it has no state status. Its president had problems with the law in the 1990s and was detained by the police for taking bribes – these facts speak for themselves. Thus, it’s not even an organization – it’s a dummy company that doesn’t have its own website but distributes fictitious titles indiscriminately. It’s possible to create ten such organizations in one day. Therefore, the diploma that was presented is insignificant – it doesn’t prove any scientific recognition; it doesn’t prove anything at all. Anna Deeter claims that the second document is a state license of Roman Snezhko. This is a straight up lie. This document was issued by a limited liability company (LTD) for use of some Etalon. This license has a registered trademark of Roman Snezhko, that is, this company belongs to Roman Snezhko himself. And if you own a company, you can write a hundred of such forged licenses per day. The Russian Federation didn’t issue any license to Roman Snezhko. This impostor has nothing to do with science. Both documents are absolutely useless. For instance, I will show you what the certificate of a professor of the Russian Federation and the diploma of a doctor of the Russian Federation look like (in the video).

One of Deeter’s books (which are also written exclusively for the purpose of brainwashing) is called “Stuttering solved by Dr. Roman Snezhko.” Snezhko is not a doctor, he’s neither a physician nor has a PhD – Deeter arrogantly and hypocritically lies. The fraudsters think that you won’t understand the Russian documents, but I’ll help you with this. However, it’s absolutely certain that Roman Snezhko is an auto mechanic by education, that is, he’s an employee of a car service. Ladies and gentlemen, is it right to correct stuttering at a car service?

What kind of a man is Roman Snezhko?

A lot can be said about a man by his deeds and words. Would you deal with Adolf Hitler? It’s a weird, but not a groundless question. Roman Snezhko, the mentor of Anna Deeter, considers deaf-mute people as subhumans. He literally wrote the following: “Without speech, a person can’t realize oneself as a human. Those children, who were deprived in childhood of an opportunity to hear and copy human speech, never become rational people, but lead a completely animal way of life, which absolutely proves that a person without speech is not a human, but an animal.” Think carefully, ladies and gentlemen, have you ever heard of this? Good Lord, what a muck the man who said this about our deaf-mute brothers and sisters is! It smells like a gas chamber, Nazism and anything else. Those are the words of Roman Snezhko. Do you still want to deal with his student, Anna Deeter?

Why do these fraudsters operate in the US?

As you already know, Anna Deeter’s salary in Russia was about $3,000 a year; compared to her, a doctor in America is just a millionaire. The standard of living in the US is very high compared to Russia. It is here that one can get a lot of money on a simple fraud. Such people don’t like America, they don’t like the Americans, and they only care about your money. It is an object of a special pride for people like Deeter and Snezhko to deceive you. Just look at Anna Deeter’s face and listen to countless useless words that she said – but for what? It’s done in order for you to become zombies and pay money. In Russia there’s an excellent saying: “Болтун речист - да на руку нечист,” which can be accurately translated that a talker speaks a lot, but he’s a thief. For many years in Russia everyone knows that Roman Snezhko is a charlatan. If one opens Google, the third position after his name and wiki appears a query: “Snezhko is a charlatan.” That’s why they moved to rich America.

The main lie.

There’s no such thing as a method of Anna Deeter or a method of Roman Snezhko. They use part of a method created by someone else which they borrowed illegally and use unprofessionally. Its invention belongs to doctors Yulia Nekrasova and Svetlana Skoblikova; it was founded in the 1960s. The whole method is complex and based on all-inclusive psychotherapeutic approach to treatment of stuttering, in which Anna Deeter understands nothing. There is a small part in this method, I emphasize, a very small part (!) that allows a person to temporarily stop stuttering by consistently pronouncing words that are divided into parts using rhythm. It’s beautiful and lets you think: “I don’t stutter!” But this does NOT correct or treat stuttering! The so-called demonstrative part was designed to show man’s capabilities, but using it it’s impossible to eliminate stuttering neither in 3 days nor in 300 days. This is just a demonstration! Will you buy a car brochure instead of a car?

It’s this small part of someone else’s method that the unskilled fraudsters use, it’s this small part they need to deceive you in 3 days. You were taught and you spoke the first few words without stuttering – and you think that it’ll always be like this? No, it won’t! You’ll never be able to eliminate stuttering this way, so you’ll remain a stutterer, but you’ll already lose your money! I created a video in Russian explaining these lies including evidence of unlawful use of the stranger’s method, but it was removed from YouTube based on Snezhko complaints of confidentiality. However, up to this time it is available to watch on a Russian video hosting The link is in the description of the video. Anna Deeter and Roman Snezhko are very cunning fraudsters, they’re dangerous. By paying them, you risk losing faith in healing, which will lead to depression. Why risk your health?

What to do?

If you’ve already paid Anna Deeter and suffer for three days at first, then for a month, then for two months and continue to believe that it’ll succeed – then you were brainwashed by Deeter’s hours of chatter! Your efforts are in vain! You’re already deceived and need the help of a psychologist. Throw all the matrix and melodics in the trashcan. Admit to yourself: yes, I was deceived, but I’m not an expert and I have a right to be wrong in people. You’ll feel better. The police should deal with the fraudsters. That’s all.

I hope that I’ve helped you to save your money. I love America and the Americans, and I don’t want you to be deceived. Kissing you! Bye!

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