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Re: Can we stop with a single liver flush?
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Can we stop with a single liver flush?

Elimination-Rotation Diet may or may not help eliminate food sensitivities ... more often than not, that diet is used as a tool to find out exactly what foods you are sensitive to, but diet alone seldom acts as a tool that cures food sensitivities and food intolerances .

food sensitivities and food intolerances can be cured by:
- curing leaky gut
- healing intestines
- healing intestinal microbiome
- healing liver
- increase in physical activity
- healing your emotional body
- healing your spirit

Curing leaky gut and healing the liver and the intestinal microbiome can sometimes take months and even years ... and that depends on your own strength and on the amount of Antibiotics , vaccines and other medications that your ancestors consumed as well as the amount of Antibiotics , vaccines, pesticides, artificial hormones and other medications that you consumed in the past.

Are you taking any artificial hormones ?

Depending on who you are and on how many Antibiotics and artificial hormones were consumed by your ancestors and by you ... it could easily happen that you never become so healthy that you could consume pizzas , chocolates and icecreams without those foods causing harm to your intestines, liver, and in the end showing up on your face.

There are many people out there who are lactose intolerant, or gluten intolerant or allergic to milk or wheat or intolerant of Sugar or food additives due to candida and leaky gut .... and those people simply learned not to consume those foods.

Life is a set of challenges to be met and mastered.

It is not always suppose to be easy or suppose to be fun.

Every problem in your life have a gift for you!

Your task is to find that gift!

You may think it is terrible that every time you consume pizza or Sugar you get "punished" with an Acne outbreak .... but you at least are 100% in control of what you consume.

Imagine people who react to other environmental triggers like cat dander, pollen, dust mites, or anything else airborne ... and who are not able to 100% eliminate those microscopic particles from their environment .... now compared to those people you can consider yourself extremely lucky!

See the photos in this gallery:


Some of those people got the problem because they never understood what Acne was all about .... they never understood that there was a gift in the problem they got....

Every problem in your life have a gift for you!

Your task is to find that gift!

It can take months and months of Liver Flushing to heal your liver.

It can take years of building intestinal flora to heal your intestines and your liver.

Every person is different, DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF to other people.

Rare are people who suffer negative effects while liver flushing, less than 1% .... but because those negative effects can be severe .... those people are 1000 times more likely to publish their experiences online, making it sound as if it is something very common.

It is actually uncommon, as most people flushing liver never report results online .... so unreported results outnumber reported results 1000 : 1.

But, when someone does experience very negative symptoms .... it is much more likely it gets published online.

Read also:


You are on a long road to health ... and there are no shortcuts!

Love your liver, Love your intestines, listen to your body when it is talking to you!

Every problem in your life have a gift for you!


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