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16-inch Worms in My Toilet (w/photos)
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Published: 5 years ago

16-inch Worms in My Toilet (w/photos)

FULL DISCLOSURE: In addition to being a Curezone follower for many years, I am also an author. The following is an article to supplement a book entitled A Clean Cell Never Dies: How to Conduct Your Own Experiment in Physical Immortality. It's my actual, personal experience, and is the sort of step-by-step personal account I've always appreciated exists on Curezone, so I thought I'd share directly with the community.

WEBMASTER: Please let me know if any of this violates the Terms of Service and I'll happily modify as needed. (An email was sent a few days ago requesting clarification, but no response received as yet)

4:00pm Monday, February 27, 2017:

As I write this, I'm about to start DAY 6 of what I anticipate will be a 7-10 day extended water fast. In other words, I haven't eaten any food, and I've been drinking water only for the past 5 days. I say "anticipate" because, as you'll hopefully read in Fast & Grow Young, your body, not your intentions should decide how long your fast endures.

In any case, I've just passed a few 16-inch worms in the toilet, and I'd like to share how I did it. (Yes, admit it, you do want to know!) I've cracked the parasite-removal code in my own life experiment in physical immortality.

I knew I had worms. Beginning about 2 years ago, I started to get a bloated stomach that just wouldn't go down. I didn't have any of the classic "you've got parasites" symptoms, but I knew THAT was one of them.

The wormwood combination (wormwood / black walnut / quassia) didn't work for me. Olive Leaf Extract had only limited results. It was only after upping the dosages of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) combined with this fast, that things really began to happen. Here are the steps:

1. Started my fast at 6pm on Wednesday, February 22. (Last thing I ate at 6pm was a Clif bar and some fresh-squeezed mango nectar from here on Saipan)

2. Started day 2 with a salt water wash.
[32 oz filtered water, 2 level teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt, mixed while warming for 30 seconds on a medium flame, drunk within 5 minutes; 1-3 hours later, it pushes (almost) everything out of your bowels.] Great way to start a fast--with an "empty" system.

3. I prepared and administered an MMS retention enema [20drops MMS (sodium chlorite) combined with 20 drops 50% citric acid solution; wait 30 seconds for the reaction to occur; combine about 9 oz of distilled water; administer enema with 4.5oz enema bottles; hold for up to 20 minutes] While I'm normally able to hold smaller dosages of MMS for up to half hour, these higher dosages have begged to be released in 5 minutes! In any event, they still work. The purifying gas gets released into the body, and the worms are killed.

4. It's conceivable that the enema did its work in that first session, and that subsequent worm-filled bowel movements are revealing the effects. The dead worms surely would pass in due time. However, since I'm not eating any solid food, I help the process along with chlorophyll/hydrogen peroxide enema the next morning/day [16 ounces warmed distilled water, then add two tablespoons 100mg chlorophyll, 2 capfuls food-grade hydrogen peroxide and administer enema]. I hold for 10 minutes and release.

What you'll see in the next photo (if you're brave enough) are the results of a chlorophyll enema towards the end of DAY 5. The water is green because of the chlorophyll. I fished the worm out with chopsticks, spread it out on a letter-size paper (had to use two), and put a tape measure next to it to show the length. It's probably more than 16 inches if it were extended full length, but the point is: whatever length it actually is, it and its friends now OUTSIDE my body rather than inside!



I ran a bunch of errands today; chopped some coconuts; even carried my two five-gallon bottles of water (one in each hand) up a flight of steps to my 2nd floor apartment. In other words, even after five days of no food, my energy level is high. As you'll (hopefully) read in A clean cell never dies, "Vitality equals Potential Power minus Obstruction" and has less to do with daily food intake and more to do with removing the obstructions in your system--keeping the cells clean and colon unobstructed.

It's great to see the progress and results of my experiment! I'll be continuing this protocol even after my body tells me to conclude the fast to make sure I get all the critters as well as their eggs!

In any case, if you think you have worms or parasites (and you may; It's nothing to be ashamed of. I've been vegan for over 20 years and I still picked some up somewhere; many of us have them without any overt symptoms; tiredness, bloating are two minor ones), this protocol may help. Be careful, however, MMS is very powerful. The usual suggested protocol (for ingestion/drinking) starts a new person off with 1-2 drops. You'd be wise to start with what's called "Protocol 2000" of 2 drops to see just how polluted your body is--you can tell by the healing reaction--before you launch into my protocol. I've been taking MMS for years since a good friend on Saipan introduced me to it.

I hope this is helpful. Feel free to ask questions. Remember, your opinion of my life choices is not being requested; your disagreement is irrelevant. As I say in the opening pages of A clean cell never dies:

"I am not here to convince, justify, defend or apologize for my beliefs, choices or lifestyle. I'm not here for validation, vindication or approval, or to respond to personal attacks. I'm here to share a philosophy & formula that work for me and for others. In a world of seven billion people, if one person can do a thing, then it must be possible for at least one other person to do the same. It is against this backdrop that I wrote this book." --from A clean cell never dies

Other fasting tips:

After doing several extended water fasts
of 7 or more days, and after coaching several
people through their own, and after receiving
a few questions about the proces, I've compiled a few
simple tips to help make the process more
successful and a little easier.
- I spend about an hour each day in direct sunlight; stripped naked to expose all of my skin to the healing rays.

- Get great-tasting water-so you'll actually enjoy the process

Hide your food--out of sight, out of mind

Invest in mouthwash--breath typically gets bad during phase 2/3 of fast

Read a fasting book--this keeps your mind focussed on what you're doing

Mantras: "I like myself!" The more you like and love yourself, the more you'l want to do things (however challenging) to keep yourself healthy

Put a bowl of lentils to soak--Your body should decide when to end the fast. However, if for some reason, you have a specific date by which you need to end it (return to work, special appointment, etc.), then a few days before that date, put a bowl of lentils to soak so you'll have raw, living food to eat a few days after you break the fast.

Prepare Kimchee--Same as above. Restoring your body's intestinal flora with cultured food is important. Make some kimchee (Search youtube) before ending your fast so you'll have it on hand





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