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Re: Need Help Plz!!!! Begging
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Need Help Plz!!!! Begging

Your photo looks like a roundworm. I suspect you have other parasites as well, almost everyone who has one has many others. This is why you are so sick. The thick gelatine you expel is a sign of bowel inflammation or irritation. I have had these after my enemas and it points to large worms present in your lower intestines. The metallic taste in your mouth is a bad sign and it means your body is in the state of acidosis, and in emergency mode! From this stage you will be going downhill fast unless you will do something. Kidney failure is common with heavy parasite burden and is dangerous. Liver and kidney are important detox organs and once they give up, it will be a hard journey. Swollen hands are probably also a sign that your body is in emergency mode, you must be full of toxins you cannot eliminate. You need to start
1. Fixing your acidic body. This no. 1 priority
2. Start a strict daily detox protocol, and continue for min a year
3. Once your acid body is somehow better, you need to start eliminating parasites, one by one, i estimate min. 1 year but rather 2 based on your current condition
Tips: read mattk3's document here on curezone, called Ascaris 123, it is document 255. You find it at the document uploads (do a search with 'mattk3' in the uploads section). Measure your body PH when you wake up, before eating or drinking in the morning with PH strips. Follow the instructions on the box. Normal body PH is 7, i suspect yours is way below. Read about how to raise PH in mattk3's document, there is a sequence you need to follow. There are many supplements listed which are used for this.
This step is vital for you te become more stable and to be able to safely remove parasites. Should you jump into a parasite protocol directly, the toxins will kill you.
Parallel fixing our acidosis, you need to build up your detox pathways and start eliminating toxins. Many supplements are used for this. Once toxin elimination is under control, you can move onto the sequential parasite protocols where you can do challenge tests for each parasite group. Roundworms you already know you have. At the same time you continue with your detox protocol and monitor your PH. This whole thing is a huge and broad subject. You need to be willing to make an effort and learn how it works, it takes months to build up some knowledge which you need to constantly develop. Read the document and try to understand. Start with enemas, wash any parasites you may find and post them here. Come back for advice. You can look up the ICU protocols as well where many many great tips are shared. There are absolutely no doctors i have ever seen or heard of that would have a slightest clue on how to treat you. This is a solely do it yourself thing. Look up also on for great tips on enemas and protocols.

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