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How I am treating with some successes.

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Better Than Colonics. Period.
Oxygen Detoxification for both small and large intestine...

Natural Cancer Remedies
You can treat cancer more successfully than most doctors!

ChickenArise Views: 1,412
Published: 4 years ago

How I am treating with some successes.

If you think I posted in the wrong forum, stay with me as I will touch on the topic.

My issues started with what was a systemic yeast infection from mold exposure.

How did I know? Ringworm unresponsive to Terbinafine and every cream out there.

Later jock itch responsive to vaginal yeast creams for a very short time and kept coming back.

All I can be sure of is I know I inhaled a lot of mold over a long period of time as I found a leaking roof 2 years later which is now fixed.

I suffered from small crawls, biting and stinging feelings. I didnt always see an insect. But being fungal sure attracts them.

I now know that whenever an insect bites you that you should apply an Antibiotic ointment to it as many biting insects will inject nematode larvae into you. These need to be suffocated before they spread.

Two doctors said I had allergies. They were wrong and kept trying to refer me to another unrelated specialist ignoring my problems so I took matters into my own hands.

I went on a long course of Fluconazole (FZN) 400 mg daily for about 6 months.

My eyes were still red and irritated in the morning until adding Doxycycline (DOXY) 100 mg bid. Any higher led to kidney fatigue. I pulsed this and Nystatin.

Each time I tried to come of the FZN a tingling sensation would return. Not as bad as the stinging biting feeling but more of a tingling. I did come off of it for a couple months.

Then the mad itch began where I was itching over a large part of my body. Also I began to manifest specific symptoms of Lyme which later I found some symptoms more closely matching Morgellons than Lyme.

Increasing intermittent Lung Pain presenting unilaterally then after months bilaterally and becoming constant.

I started to get some of the open sores on my leg that never really heal completely.

These tiny bite mark like red dots that often appeared in rows of threes. Yet we have no bed bugs and I am the only one affected not my wife.

Rash eruption on head and face and in the mouth on cheeks.

I am pre visible fibrous stage but now I know what I am dealing with so the object is to stay ahead of this and or slow the progression.

5 cycles of Ivermectin (IVM) and still whenever I stopped the itching would return. This is one way I had to rule out mites.

I thought it was scabies or some other mite as I recently had the crawling sensation all over the face, head, and ears, as well as small sores on scalp which scabbed over.

I now treat any new skin eruptions with IVM lotion and vaseline and they heal rapidly. I imagine you could use an Antibiotic ointment and will try that also in the near future.

What really lead me to the conclusion that it was not a mite in my case and likely Bartonella that is causing the crawl sensation was the diet change to no sugar. The depletion of breads and sugars keep the stinging to a minimum which I can only guess is the keratin poking through my skin.

Any time I gave in to Sugar the sensations would start up again and mites dont work that way.

Bartonella is a bitch and I am not certain how I am going to address this yet.

I suspect the Bart has gotten into all my hair follicles and will cause the mad itch and even the sensation of things crawling on your skin.

I am not suggesting that others dont have nematodes or mites but in my case no one else in the family was affected. I am trying to be logical with a disease that isnt.

I am treating for all possible nematode infections and yes there have been some strange things that leave my system at times.

I followed IVM, with Pyrantel 3day cycle with two seven day repeats to rule out hookworm.

I recently did Mebendazole 100mg bid for 6 days. I had to stop it due to some kidney fatigue. I chose this over Albendazole but the next time around I may use Albendazole. In order to get the Mebendazole to enter into the bloodstream you have to eat a high fat meal. I just took a Tsp of ozonated coconut oil when the meal wouldnt do.

I previously completed 5 days of Nitazoxanide which I have good reason to suspect this goes after the Borellia.

I dont think you need to complete massive cycles of antihelmintics the first time around. Listen to your body as it may say to dial things back until you are stronger.

As an aside I have had chronic back pain issues for decades and am highly likely for P. Acnes that traveled through dental implants and took up residence in my back as there has been no trauma yet I have a herniated lumbar disk and pain in the thoracic with nothing remarkable in that region on the MRI.

As I await the 100 day supply of Augmentin which treats this P. Acnes back infection I began high dose Amoxicillin 1000 mg tid. as I am finding myself Doxy resistant.

After about 6 days the chest pain is near gone. I am considering adding a macrolide just to hit anything unusual.

Joint pain is reduced as well as some back pain reduction already.

I am also back on the Fluconazole for 3 weeks now as I find it helps keep things to a minimum but the minimal Sugar no bread is key to any of this working. Oddly enough fruit sugars in their natural form dont bother me.

IR sauna has ejected some tiny grains as well as a couple strange bugs one time. I do it when I can just weekly. Someone I respect says the former are actually bacterial manifestations.

I am testing nascent Iodine again to stop the hair loss and I believe its helping. It surely helped the adrenal fatigue I was going through previously.

So basically I am on a modified Klinghardt protocol. His protocol is 2 weeks of all sorts of Antihelmintics. You can search it so no need to post.

I am showing massive improvements and at minimum slowing the progression of this condition.

The itch still comes and goes to different extremes at times and I will use IVM or its lotion counterpart at the first sign and not have to stay on it constantly.

I have also noticed my pupils glow green under UV light. I had never noticed this before and dont believe this is normal. I believe it may very well be the way to tell if you carry the thing that causes the condition referenced as Morgellons.

You can follow me on healingwell under the same name and follow me on youtube as ClintFromNYtoVA.

I post on the former more than the latter but as I find what works I will be making more videos so I suggest both before you forget.

I am only referencing Lyme on the latter at this time as I wish to be taken seriously but I will reference Morgellons on Healingwell as they do take it seriously but few know what to do and most think they just have Lyme much like myself.

Many with Morgellons are there lurking but are afraid to post. I understand as it is difficult enough to come to grips with Lyme, but the more you know the better off you will be.

I suspect many of us are infected and its just waiting for the perfect storm which will be some stressful event in your life so stay positive. Yes trust me I know how difficult this can be but it is essential.

Listen to everyone but dont jump to conclusions.

If you follow me closely you will find a way to contact me.

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