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Have I cured my Candida and leaky gut issues?

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Cloud9Losingit Views: 919
Published: 20 months ago

Have I cured my Candida and leaky gut issues?

Hello there guys, so this is my first post and first account as I've been hesitant to post anything. Ive just been lurking around here for a few months learning and understanding information about Candida.

I've never been diagnosed with Candida, but I suspect that I have Candida due to myself having had multiple courses of Antibiotics for Acne (latest was about 6 months ago actually) and lots of medications as a child, and lifelong junk food eater(mostly sugary and starchy carbs as a kid). I switched to a healthy Diet around 3 years ago and then went to Paleo eating styles, and lastly for a year or so have been on a strict whole food based ketogenic diet. All my "Candida" symptoms dramatically went away while on that diet. No acne, rashes, digestive issues, none of them at all. Then...around my 8th month in symptoms all started coming back. I'm assuming it was due to me also being on Antibiotics (didn't want to stop taking them even tho keto took care of it cuz I heard it can cause Antibiotic resistance)
i also read that Candida can adapt to feeding on ketones! That scared the hell out of me so I decided to just screw it all and eat a bunch of carbs foods like sandwiches and pasta for 2 weeks(5 weeks ago). I felt stomach was grumbling strangely and making weird sounds so I finally manned up and chose to buy Oil of Oregano. I went back on to my ketogenic diet 3 weeks ago but added 10 drops of Oil of oregano, large doses of virgin coconut oil(8-9 tablespoons), 2 cloves of garlic, cayenne pepper, turmeric and black pepper. I also introduced 2-3 cups of whole milk Kefir everyday, 8 tablespoons of sauerkraut and kimchi for the first week and experienced HORRIBLE "die off" of some kind of bacteria because my stool for that whole week was covered in strange stringy white things and lots of mucus. I'm still using the same regimen these two weeks and presently, but I'm not experiencing any more due off reactions, my skin is clearing up rapidly, I'm feeling more healthy than I ever have been before. I'm also taking 20g of L glutamine powder a day just in case I have leaky gut. Am I cured of Candida now that I'm feeling excellent and have no more die off reactions? Can I reduce the dosage of probiotics and antifungals now? And how long should I keep taking L glutamine? I'm never gonna go back to eating junk food again, just gonna stick to my whole food ketogenic diet for life, maybe some probiotics 2-3 times a week, is this a good idea? I've also been doing cleanses using " Oxypowder " once a week and using magnesium oxide everyday to make sure I'm getting everything out of my system.. Am I supposed to keep experiencing die off? I can take probiotics without any bloating at all now which makes me feel as though I've cleared it out of my system. Any help would be appreciated.

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