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Re: help! mercury teeth fillings killing me
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: help! mercury teeth fillings killing me

Melody, I'm sorry to hear about your situation; however, I've heard similar reports many, many times. Some of those people were members in detox groups for many months and reported life changing gains.

Antioxidants help to bind with the heavy metals that have been kicked up--mobilized. They provide some protection from them.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are two such antioxidants. They are somewhat different so taking both is recommended.

More than tiny amounts of vitamin C do not linger for long in the blood stream so we benefit from taking some with each meal and before bed. Hopefully you'll tolerate a gram or so of it per dose. Some find the buffered form to be better tolerated by the stomach. Others like the acid form with big meals to help with digestion.

Selenium is an underappreciated antioxidant. It is a natural mineral like calcium or zinc but it also binds with many heavy metals making them much less toxic to us. Selenium also helps to make thyroid hormones.

Many of us toxic folks need help to be more calm, relaxed and mentally sharp. There are a number of supplements that can be tried for this. More than a few people will take many or most of these.

Magnesium. Remember Epsom Salt is magnesium sulfate. Toxic folks often dont' make enough sulfate for liver detox. Somem people like the more subtle effect of a foot bath.

Glutamine and or GABA. GABA is maybe the brain's most important anti-anxiety neurochemical. The body makes it from glutamine. Glutamine also helps to fuel the bain, helps to heal the digestive tract, helps muscles and is needed to make the liver's most important antioxidant, glutathone.

You'll want to consume some sulfur containing foods such as broccoli, eggs, garlic, etc. Mercury loves to bind with sulfur. Sulfur is a component of glutathione.

However taking too much sulfur can cause problems because it also kicks up---mobilizes--more heavy metals (HMs). We need to use sulfur wisely.

Learn about adrenal cortex support--adrenal fatigue or adrenal insufficiency. mercury hammers the adrenal cortex and related control systems.

Zinc is an essential mineral. However it is chemically similar to mercury. They compete for binding spots in the body to some extent. You'll probably do well to increase your intake of Zn somewhat.

You might find these posts and video to be encouraging. I followed the reports of the first two people for many months in a Yahoo detox group.

A teen beat improbable odds and got some nice gains.

Typical situation for a middle aged female.

An engineer and physicist is interviewed on his recovery from "amalgam illness."

Surely mercury can kill you, but unless you are in a chemical factory accident it is not likely to do so quickly. You'll likely have plenty of time to fight this effectively and get much improved. However as you'll read from many sources, there is not quick fix.

There are many HM detox systems. I chose Cutler's detox protocol for my former heavy metal problem. I suggest that you learn about it.

Andrew Cutler, PhD Chemistry and Dr D Pompa discuss their experiences with Amalgam illness, how they recovered and some of the controversial aspects of detox. You'll have to right click the link at this site and download the mp3.


PS. You are going to be fine like so many others. Just do your home work and take measured, organized actions to heal.

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