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saltwater flush doesn't work on me no matter what kind of natural sea salt i use
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Published: 18 years ago

saltwater flush doesn't work on me no matter what kind of natural sea salt i use

Hi. I am not good with computers and don't know if i can get back into this forum, so if you could email me at I would appreciate it SO MUCH...
O.K. so I'm on the Master-Cleanse fast, and first of all, the saltwater flush doesn't work on me. I use 1 quart of warm water and 2 tsp not-iodized, way-too-expensive, fancy, hoity-toity, "natural" Sea Salt , and wait 3 hours, and NOTHING, not so much as a mild cramp or urge. The next day, I try it with more water. Nothing. The next day, more salt. Nothing.

I see that there is a little Iodine in the salt, which is naturally occurring. The salt comes from an ancient sea bed in Utah. So, I imagine the Iodine is the reason the treatment doesn't work. So, I go out and buy another small glass jar of salt for another five bucks (five bucks for SALT!!!) of a DIFFERENT kind of overcelebrated, overpriced damn Sea Salt . This time, Atlantic Sea Salt . No iodine. All natural, not-screwed-with, just evaporated sea. IT DOESN'T WORK EITHER.

What produces bowel movements is laxative tea, but it only produces either the reccommended amount of bowel movements WITH EXTREME DURESS - diarrhea, cramping, misery - things Burroughs names as contra-indications (or as indications you should stop what you're doing) or - since I tried drinking 1/3 cup of tea at a time, bowel movements only once every other day or less. If I drink enough tea to produce any more than that, the side-problems (cramping, gas, misery, uncontrollable spurting) occur.

What I think is that the laxative teas on the market today are WAY different than in the 50's when the book was written. Today's laxative teas are STRONG, DANGEROUS DRUGS. You might as well be taking ex-lax, in my opinion. I knew a bulimic girl who ruined her colon and needed a colostome bag because she abused laxative tea and nothing else. That's right - JUST TEA is THAT DANGEROUS. Besides, the teas of today have warnings all over them - "do not use for more than 7 days in a row" "if diarrhea occurs stop using immediately" and so on and so forth, and I'm scared quite literally shitless of them. Anyhow, what should I do? I hate the teas and the saltwater doesn't work. What should I do to make the saltwater work?

Thanks for reading this, and I'm sorry it was so long! I really thank you kindly for reading. P.S. if anybody needs a support buddy, I need one too.

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