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Published: 5 years ago

The truth about Newport

The time has come for me to finally blow the whistle on this cult and expose its fraud of a leader, now that most of its members have either died or left the website.

Many years ago, I frequented this forum in an effort to improve my deteriorating health condition. Rife therapy and zappers did end up helping me a LOT, and were instrumental to curing my autoimmune thyroid disease (which doctors repeatedly told me I would have for life - they were wrong!)

Those health improvements from Rife came strictly from actual frequencies like those found on the CAFL, and in Hulda Clark 's books. They did not come from any new age nonsense like dowsing, or the "Doctrine." However, for a time, even I got temporarily sucked into the New Age internet cult led by the user known as Newport. People who are suffering greatly from illness can often have a compromised sense of reason - they can become desperate for a solution, desperate for someone to tell them that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, that their condition really does have an explainable cause that can be cured, permanently. Naturally, this creates the perfect opportunity for sociopaths and egomaniacs to step in and take advantage of sick people and hail themselves as the sole truthteller and leader of the herd of desperate sheep (and there are many on CureZone who do this). Newport did not skip a beat in filling in that role.

But I've always been a skeptic at heart. It's why I gave up on allopathic medicine long ago. I refused to believe that my condition was incurable, which is what every MD had always told me. I proved them all wrong, because of the inner voice in me that's always guided me in what's truth and what is a lie. And that voice was also the reason part of me always remained skeptical of Newport's many absurd claims, even at the peak of my koolaid drinking alongside everyone else.

After some time of listening to his claims and trying his recommendations (some of which actually made me worse), I began to search for an alternative. It was clear that the frequencies I was using weren't hitting the exact organism(s) causing my illness. So I searched for the holy grail of Rife frequencies - a frequency that could kill ALL parasites at once, regardless of species. So I thought of the one thing all parasites have in common. The answer was in Charlene Boehm's DNA frequency formuala, published publicly for all to use in her scientific paper. Her formula was intended to be used to derive the frequency for entire genes or genomes of specific parasites. But looking at it, I realized that the formula could also work to derive the frequency of just a single base pair of DNA, instead of many. Base pairs are something that every parasites, heck every organism alive, has in their body.

So I did the math, created the frequency, and tested it extensively on myself and saw enormous benefit. It seemed to hit parasites in areas I had never felt any frequency hit before. Forever the skeptic, however, I questioned the safety of the frequency. If it could hit DNA in any organism, it might also be hitting the DNA in my own cells. After many days of using it, I felt no harmful side-effects, only benefits, so I finally concluded that it was safe to share with others.

I understood already at the time that Newport was seen as the source of all truth here, and anyone else posting freuqencies would be either ignored or attacked. The climate in this forum at the time was incredibly hostile to anyone thinking for themselves. So I came up with a solution - I would "dress up" the frequency under the same delusional absurdity that Newport had been pushing. I remembered that he had claimed that dragons were real beings that actually exist in our world, and no, I'm not talking about komodo dragons, but actual dragons from fictional works. (Ironic, given that he mocks and laughs at the idea of UFOs and life on other planets, both things that Wilhelm Reich claimed exist and wrote an entire book on.) It reminded me of a word I had seen used in one of my favorite TV shows, Full Metal Alchemist. The frequency I had created had absolutely nothing to do with dragons nor the concept of Ouroboros (which itself just refers to the endless, repeating cycle of life and death), but I decided it would be a cool, mystical name to publish the frequency as, one that this community of kool aid drinkers would accept.

And I was right. Within a day of posting it people were already replying saying it was helping them. //

Newport himself embraced the frequency too, although in typical egomaniac fashion, he couldn't allow the spotlight and glory shine on anyone other than himself for too long. He felt a need to post an "adjusted" version of my frequency, which by the way actually made the frequency completey ineffective - my frequency had been derived with cold hard math, not delusion like Newport's were, and as Charlene Boehm herself will testify, changing a DNA frequency by even .1 can dramatically alter its effectiveness. Nevertheless, Newport's "adjustment" version ended up being the one shared and passed around by this forum's regulars, and to rub further salt in the wound, Newport attached new age nonsense to the frequency to explain why it worked.

Apparently, according to Newport, this frequency I had created with nothing but a math formula and named after a Japanese cartoon aimed at teenage boys, was actually defeating dragons and demons. From that moment on, I knew Newport was a fraud. I knew no one would believe me if I exposed him, though. Indeed, anyone who ever dared to criticize his claims had been viciously attacked by Aging Tree and others here. It was okay, though - I at least knew for myself that I needn't waste anymore precious time (that I was running out of) on his "Doctrine" or other scams. So I eventually ended up just leaving the forum and eventually Curezone altogether.

I felt it was a lost cause to speak up about the truth. Newport had already outed himself as a fraud on one very notable occasion - Kiesha Crowther. Newport pushed Crowther as a truth teller, a genuine shaman, whose claims about seeing the future were actually true.

There is a very big problem with this: Crowther has been exposed as a complete fraud.
The Sioux tribe came out and released a statement revealing that they had never even heard of Crowther and have no relation to her whatsoever. They condemned her for using the Sioux tribe's good name for her own personal profit. She is nothing more than a plastic shaman, a clever 100% white con-artist taking advantage of other white people who are desperate for some spirituality absent from their life. She rakes in thousands of dollars from her "spiritual" events in which she steals and appropriates (and in many cases just makes up) ancient Native American customs. Yet this fraud is the person Newport pushes as a truthteller. His delusional "dowsing" ability apparently told him so. If he could get it so wrong on this, why would anyone believe a word that comes out of his mouth on matters of life and death, like illness? Yet people did. In fact, someone already posted about Crowther being a fraud in this very forum, yet Newport's followers remained unphased and continued to staunchly defend him. I knew from that moment that it was a lost cause to expose him, at least so long as this forum was dominated by his followers.

For a long time I questioned Newport's motives. I wasn't sure if he was just some undercover agent sent by a pharmaceutical company to undermine the credibility of Rife therapy and Orgone therapy by attaching New Age nonsense to them. No, I think his motives are actually much simpler than that. Newport is a psychopath. In this day and age, where everyone has internet access, psychopaths now have totally new avenues to hurt and manipulate people through. They no longer have to break into a house to kill or dominate someone - they can now simply convince people to kill themselves, by leading them away from a path to health and wellness. The Doctrine was the ultimate proof of this and the ultimate realization of his prolonged wet dream - now instead of telling people to use bogus frequencies concocted with his Crowther-worshipping finger, he began to tell people to just stop using frequencies outright. Just sit there, in front of a bunch of "orgonite" rocks, and pray to Newport, and you will be cured of all illnesses imaginable. "It will work, I promise. Don't ever question me." That's the talk of an egomaniacal fascist.

It comes as no surprise to me that there is not a single success story of Newport's "Doctrine." Almost every single one of his followers eventually either stopped posting, deleted their account, and/or died. It is the only reason I felt safe to finally post this. Some eventually came to the same realization I did, and out of shame for having allowed themselves to be sucked into a modern-day internet cult, went back and censored most of their past posts in this forum and turned their username into a number. I find that incredbly shameful, to just leave without admitting responsibility for having promoted "teachings" that led people to their deaths, which is why I decided to finally, after many years, make this post. It's time people knew the truth.

If you're still reading, I plead with you to always think for yourselves. Always question anyone who claims to be an infallible teller of truth. There is no such thing as an infallible human being. We ALL make errors and mistakes, and anyone claiming otherwise is simply not right in the head. I am a living testament to the fact that Rife therapy works (when combined with good nutrition, detox, and chelation), but people like Newport have attempted to undermine it. For anyone visiting this forum for the first time, I highly recommend ignoring over 90% of this forum's post, as most of it has been poisoned with nonsense. Instead, go to Electroherbalism and learn about actual, real Rife therapy.

I've said my peace and will now take my leave, with my mind at ease now that the truth is finally out. I will not pull a Newport and tell you to believe me, however. Whether you want to believe me or not is up to you.

p.s. as a sidenote, please beware "Orgonite" and all of the claims about it on the internet and in this forum. Anyone who's actually bothered to read Wilhelm Reich's work will know what a complete scam orgonite is. I myself got sucked into that madness and wasted hundreds of dollars on overpriced rocks, because I fell for the lies. But I always noticed that touching them or having them near me actually made all of my symptoms dramatically worse. I couldn't understand why all the great benefits people attach to orgonite were not happening for me. So I actually started to read Reich's books. I quickly learned what an enormous money-making fraud the entire orgonite movement is. Look up Reich's "Oranur" experiment to learn what ACTUALLY happens when you expose an orgone accumulator to radiation. Simply put, there is no such thing as an orgone device that can "convert" bad energy to good energy. All orgonite does is accumulate orgone, much like Reich's own devices did, except orgonite uses incredibly toxic, carcinogenic substances to do so. Epoxy resin is high in benzene, a well-known promoter of cancer and AIDS, and the aluminum is toxic as well. Reich wrote in his books that orgone adopted the properties of whatever it was absorbed by. He noted that different kinds of metal gave the orgone different properties - iron being the most beneficial and healing, due to the high iron content of our own blood. It appeared that the orgone amplified the properties of that metal once it was absorbed into our own bodies. That means that all orgone you absorb from orgonite containing aluminum shavings is actually amplifying the toxic aluminum in your own body. Along with the benzene and other toxic carcinogens used to create orgonite. IF you really want to experience the healing effects of orgone therapy, go to a large source of running water, like a river or a waterfall. Movement is what keeps orgone healthy - non-movement is what makes orgone stagnant and toxic. And water is the most abundant source of orgone in our planet. Reich noted very early on in his research that orgone accumulates in all living things. If you are alive, you HAVE ORGONE INSIDE OF YOU ALREADY. You do not need to buy any device to obtain it. What you do need to do, however, is get t *moving*, so it is no longer stagnant. That is what TRUE orgone therapy actually entails.

Goodbye, good luck, and good health to all.

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