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Re: Parasite success stories please?
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Parasite success stories please?

Yes, there are lots of success stories. Don't be afraid, this will pass.

You have to maintain a regimen because if you have a multi-effection of multiple species you will have to peel the onion of killing each species off. It does take time but it is so worth the effort. I am truly glad that you are doing something before it is too late.

Being depressed is a matter of how you feel about your health and self. Be happy you have people to help you out and guide you. You will have to decide and help yourself but you are not alone.

Focus on the positive aspects of your recovery and healing. Health returning and energy. To have energy again that makes all the possibilities possible once again. It's been one year for me and I am still working on protocols. Not every protocol is the same for everyone because of allergies, sensitivities and health issues. I always recommend the natural enzymes to start and MattK3 always insists that pH be raised to 6.5 minimum before you start to kill anything. Slow and steady is the best way because the die off is just too much to do a mass kill off at one time. Especially with the effects you are suffering from. It will take 3 months to raise your pH and there are so many grateful people that have helped themselves and many others. Don't give up, you are not alone and there is great hope that in a year, maybe more that you will be so grateful that you have started to the process of healing yourself.

Just in the last day I have read more comments like yours and it gives me hope that people are starting to understand that healing thyself is needed to get better. Doctor's are truly uneducated regarding parasites and acknowleging the prospect of using animal anthelmintics is against the law and pharmaceutical corporations methodology but it is what works.

Believe me when I say you have 3 months to focus on good health before you choose any protocol and to fully understand what type of infection you will be focusing on. Personally, I went with the biggest and badest parasite I had validation of and that was Intestinal Flukes and tapeworms. I am still killing the flukes and the Tapeworms were gone in short order. The biggest and badest parasite was removing the bio-film in the intestines protecting the Amoeba and Protozoa infections that feed off the nutrients in the GI. They seem to be able to grow intensely fast and have no boundaries or limitations. The bacteria and fungus that is released by these parasites means you will have to concentrate on a well rounded protocol that kills these things and you will have to understand that other infections will go untreated even though you may get sick from killing one species. Don't give up thinking you are defeated because it only means you are one step closer to removing them one by one. Flat and roundworms and the different species are all treated differently. I smile..because there is many here that have dealt with these situations on their own and you won't have to be on your own. You have the experiences and knowledge that you can do this.

The best tool is rebuilding your health and a good acidophilus for rebuilding your GI track. Then you can focus on killing.

It is about lifestyle changes and hope. Slow and steady and sticking to it. Energy and health will be your reward.

You can do this, truly you can. Just read and know you are already brave. Now keep positive and grateful and change the energy around you and go forward.

As ICU says, Cheers.

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