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Image Embedded Re: Please validate website claim and my method of making Colloidal Silver
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Published: 26 months ago
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Re: Please validate website claim and my method of making Colloidal Silver

RE: Now I realize that both boiling the solution and adding honey to it will turn the ionic silver into elemental silver, which is not what I want. So I am going to eliminate this step from my process.

A. Well if it's any consolation, I too believed this when I first started making CS, and so I guess we could say you were not alone in doing so. 

That said, I learned from experience that the Colloidal Silver made with additives(reducing agents), was not as effective as the solutions made without them, and so I opted out of using this in my own process.

On the matter of heating one's water however, I'd say the prognosis is quite different. ie, while I too believe there is a reduction process at work in doing so, I'd add that there appear to be more benefits in heating ones water *during processing, than not.

 And so without throwing copious chemistry terms at you, I'll just conclude by saying that in cases where the objective is to get Colloidal Silver into the bloodstream(by holding under the tongue) as effeciently as possible, then you would likely find better results with heat processed CS than not. 


RE: By the way, I'm using a Canadian Maple Leaf coin (1 oz .9999 silver) at the anode and a 14 gauge .9999 silver wire at the cathode. Questions:

A. In order to calculate the projected run-times for 20ppm, you'll first need to find out the total wetted surface area of the coin in question. - which would include both sides. That said, once you've found your surface area,  you can use the following calculator to estimate your run-time and target ppm

In addition to this, depending on the size of your reaction vessel, it may be advantageous for you to use two small cathodes(on each side of the coin) so as to maximize the reaction surface area during production. Otherwise, the initial ramp-up stages won't likely include the entire coin - thus slowing the overall process 


RE: 1. How long should I cook to produce a 20 ppm solution?

A. the good news is that you won't likely ever exceed 20ppm when making colloidal silver since the solution properties won't allow for anything more than 18- 19ppm at room temp. And so in this regard, the process is somewhat self-regulating. ie, if you push the solution beyond this, then the silver will either precipitate(drop out), plate on the glass or form what looks like silver puddles at the surface.  

However, I'd also add that it is possible to exceed 20ppm with heat processed solutions. The downside however, is that the silver will drop out once the solution cools and saturation levels return to normal (in most circumstances). 

However, and with that being said, one of the most important tools in making your own CS is that of a good stirring system. To which I'd add, while I'm sure bubblers can and will agitate the water, it remains that it is only with mechanical(magnetic) stirrering that the ions can be propagated away from the anode and toward the cathode. Which will in turn, greatly help in reducing the amount of oxide formation during processing(collecting at the bottom). 


RE: 2. Do I need a relay/timer to switch the polarity of the electrodes every 5 minutes?

A. No you do not. In fact, I'd argue that it is better to process CS using fixed polarity as this promotes the aggregation of oxides on the cathode. Which in can in turn, be removed(by cleaning) rather than to be released into the solution. 

In addition to this, the most important aspect of CS production would be that of a current control in your circuit. As this will stop the phenomenon known as runaway current, and keep your particle size(formation) under control throughout processing.  


PS. you can find a schematic on assembling a similar circuit bellow as well as a parts list in the following link


Hope this helps



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