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Re: Please validate website claim and my method of making Colloidal Silver
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Published: 26 months ago
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Re: Please validate website claim and my method of making Colloidal Silver

RE: It says that home made Colloidal Silver using electrolysis method is worthless as it is just ionic silver, not true Colloidal Silver .

A. I'd begin by asking what true Colloidal Silver is, and why anyone would appeal to such a label.

RE: ...Then I boil the liquid in a glass pan with a little raw honey. Finally, I filter it again and this is the colloidal silver that I consume.

A. Can I ask why you're adding honey to your solution?

RE: Am I making only ionic silver with this method? And is ionic silver really worthless?

A. I would answer that your solution was likely predominately ionic following initial processing, and until the admission of the honey. After which, the silver components will likely undergo transformation.

That said, I'd question the overall effectiveness of such a solution with respect to it's reactive potential. ie, bio-reactivity

PS. the term True Colloidal Silver was coined by a Colloidal Silver manufacturing company several years ago in part of a marketing campaign built around the fear of Argyria.

The campaign which was carried out over the course of several years and across several sources, was intended to convince the general public that the so-called HVAC(high Voltage AC) solutions were the only solutions worthy of being called "true colloidal silver. Which ironically, was subject to their own proprietary process method.

That said, and as time went-on, this same company would engage in numerous tests and reports aimed at confusing the public on the realities of Colloidal Silver Solutions. That is until, the DYI market responded in kind with various home and lab tests to disprove the claims that Ionic Silver was anything less than the so-called True Colloidal Silver solutions. But even moreso, proving to be better than the alternative in all but the most obscure of conditions(environments). And so I'd recommend taking such claims with a rather large grain of salt if I were you.

Having said that, I wouldn't recommend throwing the baby out with the bath water either when it comes to Particulate Silver solutions. ie, these type of solution can prove extremely useful in cases where either gut or preparations requiring salination and/or ph adjustments are required. ie, nasal or eye rinses, stomach flu's or food poisoning etc. etc.

Hope this helps

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