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organ function
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Published: 4 years ago

organ function

are your organs working?..lot of medicating going on....

if you have taken any medications fairly close to any labs then your labs can look wrong, your liver enzymes can be elevated, etc. and go back down later on...but that may not be the case if you have actually harmed yourself...

another reason it is not wise to continuously treat yourself, lets say you did a treatment of whatever you chose, finished and then it was a couple months later when you had your yearly check up at the doctor, now you have had good time apart from all these meds to see what your organ function actually looks like....

in the mean time for those who do not know how to monitor themselves for signs they might be having problems, you can still have problems without these signs, this is only to help monitor yourself... and then urinate into a clear container....does it smell strong? is it dark colored? hold it up to the light, do you have floaties or clouds? sediment in the bottom?....if so you need to hydrate better and check again to see if it improves, if it doesnt you may have a problem....can be the kidneys themselves can be the kidneys working harder to make up for the iver having a problem, you need tests.....heathy urine has a light urine smell or no smelll, is light yellow to yellow/straw color with little or no clouds or sediment in the bottom, can be a bit neon yellow if you are taking vitamins.

stool....while treating with fiber and meds and enemas there is no telling what you might get, (with the exception of foods/colorings or iron or special medications) you may get green or yellow from bile and pancrea enzymes, if you have cleaned up high like with an enema and flushed stones it may be pretty foul with a hint of something died....if you have not cleaned up high then it should be a mild somebody just pooped smell, nothing special....

a normal stool while not treating and just having a daily poop should be at least as dark as peanut butter if not closer to milk chocolate, dark chocolate to tar can be an upper GI bleed, red blood is lower GI bleed or hemorrhoids or skin out for stools getting lighter than peanut butter this can be reduced liver function and is best to be a tad darker than peanut butter. of course color changes with what you eat so one or two time because of something you ate is ok but it should not be light colored on a regular basis, it should be a good dirt or milk chocolate brown without any mucous on it if you are not doing anything to be cleaning out mucous recently. foul gas and foul smelling stool without an expected cause can be SIBO.

signs of toxicity from poor organ function, is the usuals, confusion, foggy thinking, fatigue, feeling lightly short of breath or like your heart rate is just a bit faster than normal from the body trying to detox through the lungs (but dont rely on that because it could also be a heart or lung issue instead), itchy skin you dont normally have...complexion getting a bit yellow undertone, look at the whites of your eyes in the mirror and keep up with any change of slightly getting yellow....

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