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Found a cure for Seborrheic dermatitis and eczema!
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Published: 5 years ago

Found a cure for Seborrheic dermatitis and eczema!

Hi guys. I found a cure for seborrheic dermatitis and in this article I am going to tell you about a real cure.


Introduction- I am Yash 17 running from India .


#Journey-I am suffering from Seborrheic dermatitis from 1 and half years . Almost 6-7 months I didn't know that I had it. When I came to knew ,same process as everyone sufferring from seborrheic dermatitis go through. I mean dermatologist ,medicated shampoo ,steroids etc.

Fast forward-Then I started to search for its cure. I came through many things which all of us comes. Like most probably Candida . :-P I never had candida (because i also had symptoms like very bad otching and constipation) but alternative medicine and people connected almost all diseases with it so i believed. After many herbal antifungals and diflucan(fluconazole) with no success. Still seborrheic dermatitis was present. Then,I went to my home ( I am student live in another city) . Seeing my bad itchibg and breakouts my parents took me to physician who diagnosed me with Scabies. (I knew i never had candida but still believed).


Treatment was- Scabicides, antibiotics and only 3 very low dosage steroid injections. I was amazed with scabies, seb derm had also gone. I had very smooth bowels. But after 15-20 days to treatment it came back so does constipations and other digestive problems.

#Details 1st- I have seb derm on scalp , very low on face and ears. Had digestive problems.


Now after searching countless of hours. 7 days before I have come to know real cause of my seb derm. It is SIBO ( small intestine bacterial overgrowth). It also causes leaky gut and Gut nerve damage. It is main cause behind IBS C and D (constipation amd diarrhea). SIBO is also of two types :- C and D. I have Sibo C. It is the cause of Seb derm amd it is also published in one or two medical studies.(for those who don't believe in alternative med)


My present treatment and message to sufferers:-


Rifaximin-400mg three times a day (it is narrow spectrum antibiotic which only absorbs in small intestine,it doesn't affect intestinal flora. FYI, small intestine has very low number of bacterias that also of not much use) . For both Sibo IBS D and C.


Metronidazole- 400 mg two times a day.

Neomycin - I didn't find it here in india so i am taking Metronidazole. But if you find it take 1000 mg 3 times a day . It is also narrow spectrum.


For gut motility(as sibo damage gut nerves) -You can take any Prokinetic drug. I take Ginger, Mosapride and erythromycin (50 to 60 mg) For Intestinal permeability - I am taking L-Glutamine(atleast 15g) , MSM- (3-8 g) , NAC, Fish Oil and ordered Zinc carnosine. I aslo take Keraglow for hair as it provides important B vitamins and minerals. P.S - My Seborrheic dermatitis has more than 90% vanished in just 5-7 days.

Disclaimer- As I stated very above I am from India english is my third language and I am not even adult.


Edit:- Dont use probiotics if you have SIBO. It is a bacterial overgrowth whether the bacteria is good or bad it doesn't matter.  Yes ,they do help temprory but for cure don't use probiotics.


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