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manage stress naturally with far infrared mat that emits negative ions and pulsed electromagnetic field
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Published: 8 years ago

manage stress naturally with far infrared mat that emits negative ions and pulsed electromagnetic field

The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75 to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related problems. Often with the stress of everyday life, we don’t take the time to give ourselves the relaxation we need. We need this relaxation time to unwind ourselves.

But people often resort to prescription drugs for anxiety and stress. But these are less effective in the long-term and have side-effects. So natural way of relaxing is often the best alternative.
Relaxation is more important to health than most people realize. One of the natural ways to unwind is to use a Far infrared healing mat known as Gemstone Healing Mat. All you need to do is just rest on this mat for 30 min daily for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

How can a mat relieve stress and provide relaxation to the body and mind?

This Gemstone Healing Mat is made with natural crystals like Amethyst, Jade, and Tourmaline. These natural crystals emit Far Infrared waves, Negative Ions and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. The combined effects of these three elements provide healing therapies for unwinding your day.
Well, the therapies offered by this mat are not new. It has been used for centuries by ancient Chinese and Indians to heal and reduce pain. Let's discuss each therapeutic benefit offered by this mat based on the three therapies it incorporate.

Far Infrared - Healing waves of vitality and wellness

According to experts, the more stressed you are, the more cortisol your body produces. Cortisol is a “fight or flight” hormone that raises heart rate and blood pressure. Increased Cortisol level leads to the deposit of excess calories in the body.
Scientific evidence also shows that Infrared therapy helps the body maintain healthy levels of cortisol. After resting on this mat, the cortisol level drops drastically.

Negative Ion Therapy

The astounding degree to which Negative Ions can contribute to good health is becoming increasingly apparent. They neutralize free radicals, revitalize cell metabolism and enhance immune function.
At the same time, they purify the blood and balance the Autonomic Nervous System, promoting deep sleep and healthy digestion.
Negative ions also protect the body and from the negative effects of environmental stressors such as Electromagnetic Fields.
Negative ions can neutralize the harmful effects of positive ions like increased acidic levels, difficulty in breathing, high-stress levels, tensed nerves, etc.

Today we are surrounded by electromagnetic waves emitted by from computers, mobiles, and other electronic devices. They can both impair brain function and suppress the immune system, leading to a host of ailments.

Some of the symptoms include lack of energy, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, nausea, breathing difficulty, vertigo (dizziness), headache, lower concentration and mental performance.
The harmful EMF encourages extremely high levels of the stress hormone, Serotonin. High Level of serotonin is harmful to the body. Negative ions, on the other hand, cause the body to convert excess serotonin into a harmless compound.

PEMF Therapy

Research has shown that daily use of PEMF therapy can alter stress responses by acting directly on the nervous system, glands, cells, tissues, and organs. By acting on the hypothalamus and increasing urinary excretion of adrenaline, PEMF has been shown to inhibit activation of the sympathetic nervous system and adrenal glands.
The activation results in enhancing the body’s innate power to handle stress positively. With sustained use of pulsed magnetic therapies, the excitability of the nervous system also decreases. Thus, emotional reactions accompanying stress are corrected.
The regular use of PEMF helps the body to remodel tissues that tend to be hyper-reactive to chronic stress. So over time they will become less and less reactive.

Neutralizes free radicals

Negative ions work to prevent oxidation by neutralizing the free radicals in our cells. As a result, cells get revitalized, and immunity and resistance strengthened. When these free radicals combine with free radicals produced by other sources (such as heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and positive ions), they become even more harmful.

Enhances vasodilation

The Gemstone mat induces vasodilation and an increase in activity of large conductance potassium channel currents in arterial muscle.
Cellular Level cleansing
The deep penetration of infrared heat releases toxins from the fat layers just beneath the skin. It also helps your body eliminate toxins more efficiently. These toxins pass from the organs to the fat tissue under the skin. Then they are eliminated in perspiration.

Energize cells

Near-infrared energy boosts your cells' ability to create energy. The vital energy help stimulates your immune system and your overall healing. To create energy, the mitochondria (the power-generating centers inside every cell) depend on an enzyme called Cytochrome c oxidase. Various studies confirm that Far Infrared Therapy recharges mitochondria. It boosts their levels of oxygen and cytochrome c oxidase. This can help you maintain a cellular energy level that's usually only seen in young people

Stabilizes Brain Function

By promoting abundant oxygen levels in the blood, negative ions help normalize brain function, resulting in relaxation and calmness.
Balances the Autonomic Nervous System
Negative ions calm and relax taut nerves by balancing the opposing sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the Autonomic Nervous System.


Gemstone Healing Mat is guaranteed to help you relax in natural comfort with an invigorating deep tissue sweat that will have you feeling refreshed. With Far Infrared, Negative Ions and PEMF therapy you won’t be able to find a more effective combination to induce deep relaxation and tension relief.

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