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Re: regrowing 'adult' teeth/yep! Nothing is impossible
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: regrowing 'adult' teeth/yep! Nothing is impossible

I've been already working on it for some time with no discernible results other than the bone getting stronger. Got plenty of gaps to try it on:-)

Two things:
1. NEVER eat baby carrots. There is no such a plant as a baby carrot, it's a marketing scam (they make these by scrubbing decomposed tissue off of a bad carrot, then treating the remainder of the foul carrot with chlor and other nasties that make it look yummy, artificially of course). Eat normal carrots that you can see, organic if you can.

2. Calcium has NOTHING to do with bone health whatsoever. Not even osteoporosis is caused by a calcium deficit, but this is what we are being told, mainly because they can sell us calcium supplements (harmful as they are - calcium supplements contribute to atherosclerosis) and drugs that make bones look good on an X-ray, even though they make them more brittle. Calcium will make bones and teeth brittle.

Some ground-breaking research on this was done by Dr. Ron Rosedale. Look it up.

My own experiments point to magnesium as the culprit in tooth problems, not calcium. Specifically, a lack of magnesium and Vitamin D (the kind you can't get enough of b/c of air pollution these days), along with too much Sugar in the diet.

I wanted to cure osteoporosis, this is what I would do:
- buy a UVB lamp, the one for psoriasis, to get the kind of Vitamin D that is not found in supplements (**Prof. Stephanie Seneff from MIT has more on it**)
- eat green leafy veggies for magnesium and ATP production from UVB/chlorophyl (all backed by science)
- take food-derived vitamin C
- get rid of mercury AND cadmium in your body (the Cutler protocol is the only safe one; a different protocol for mercury than for cadmium! Do your own research, starting on

As for regrowing teeth, I have successfully regrown one tooth that was broken in half. The root was still in the bone, alive. Did that hurt!

It's been a couple of years since that event. The tooth has regrown the enamel (that is supposedly totally impossible) and has been filling itself slowly from within; the huge gap from the filling that broke the tooth is still in place even after all these years, but the tooth is alive, as white as it gets, and does not hurt at all. Every dentist that has seen it almost got a heart attack. They can't believe what they are seeing; seeing how half of it is still missing, they can't believe that it is covered with enamel, that it is alive and well.

When it initially broke, I was smart enough to NOT let dentists touch it with a drill (this had been main mistake with the teeth I had lost). In fact, I did not go to a dentist until it has repaired itself.

When the filling broke off with half of the tooth still attached to it, the edge was so sharp it was cutting into my cheek; I kept spitting blood for a couple of days. It was hurting like hell. No way to eat, no way to talk. But it did not get inflamed, and for a couple of reasons:
2. I abstained from fruits (I don't eat fruits that contain fructose),
Had my diet NOT been as pristine as it was, I am pretty sure I would have lost the tooth. Every dentist has it written all over their face.

I saved the tooth thanks to my Paleo diet and 5+ yrs of Cutler chelation.

Now onto the gaps (from medical malpractice back in the days of my childhood).

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