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Re: Noob to this site, parasites.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Noob to this site, parasites.

bout to call it a night, but lets say I have cysticercosis from pork if I spelled that correctly, there really isnt much to do about that so long as I am not having any complications from it, no symptoms that can go untreated but there is always potential if any are alive then if they arent calcified to protect me from the dying process I could end up having a major problem one day if any are in my head, same thing if calcified if a calcified cyst continues to grow becoming like a benign tumor causing problems through pressure only, hopefully that will never happen, there is another one you can get from pork but I cant think of what it is that also gets into your tissues. muscles etc, that there is no treatment for, so basically a Tapeworm in the GI tract is the only thing I can worry with myself on the pork issue so long as I dont have any problems and if I do, it will require a doctor, nothing I can hookworm, roundworms, intestinal tapeworms, lot of things from pets, filariasis and micro, etc...potential fish worms, I can treat for all those. Anything inside the liver or other enclosed organ has to simply die there and try not to get a secondary infection in the process. and just because something has decided to make its home in an organ, if it can reproduce it will relocate solely for that purpose if at all able, lay eggs where they can travel and possibly go right back inside the organ.....arent parasites fun??....another reason to watch your kidneys and liver, function of other organs, unless you have some way to see inside, you have no idea how much of those organs are actually functioning to start with, so its a bad idea to go crazy with medicine, starve them for needed nutrients, etc...get plenty of decent fluids and keep your digestive tract and liver cleaned yearly even if you dont treat for parasites....................and just a little side note about scabies, I see people just perpetually fighting scabies, mites etc. First off it is very important to treat correctly in the first place, when using external treatment, every inch is supposed to be treated, including the scalp, keep away from eyes but do get the brows, your bottom, cover anything you can safely cover, everyone in the home has to be treated, and the home has to be sprayed with something that treats eggs, heavily vacuumed, spray the seats in your car, your shoes, the kids backpacks, throw away old pens and pencils, wash everything that will fit in the washing machine, dry on high heat and then do the repeat for the life cycle, everything and everyone all over again....its a big pain to truly get rid of it....the ones who insist they cannot get rid of something are likely getting reinfected somehow. And the body does sometimes produce an immune response when they die, so if it seems like you got relief briefly and then the itchy came right back or if the itching gets worse from onset of treatment, this can be an immune response from dying, just treat everything correctly and then try things for relief after treatment is done, oral antihistamines, ibuprofen, baking soda bath soak, different lotions, etc, dont scratch as hard as it may be not to, dont over scrub wash know if you have killed it watch the rash and sores, if your skin heals up and starts looking healthy then you got it, you are doing good....dont go by what it feels like, go by if the skin improves and looks healthy...treat feeling with something to soothe the feeling...and Im done for now, goodnight.....its also a good time to put flea drops on your pets.....and if you want you can also use ultra dawn dishwashing liquid with a bit of te tree oil in it for bathing as an option to help knock it down but I wouldnt count that as the official treatment since mites go under the skin, works great as flea shampoo on animals too..there is something in the dish liquid that dissolves the exoskeleton of insects, thats also why many gardeners use it as a natural pesticide spray for their plants ;) or palmolive, any good old thick dish liquid, pick one that sticks to the bottle the most when you shake it.....night night

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