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Re: Noob to this site, parasites.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Noob to this site, parasites.

After feeling you have done a good job cleaning and killing remember to build your body back up, I would say take the daily value of vitamins (easy on the iron) twice a day. The body cannot absorb high doses of them all at once, the blood is constantly being cleaned, so to ensure you are delivering them to your tissues, twice a day would be better, vitamin D is important to ensure you can absorb everything, since calcium absorption is increased with vitamin D and calcium is able to block various nutrients and medications they are using the same absorption pathways meaning vitamin D should hep with absorbing anything that uses the same pathway.... I wouldnt do too much vitamin D though just about twice the daily value as in excess it can also mineralize your soft tissues, joints, heart valves, etc....and dont take anything within 2 hours before or after calcium...calcium is the digestive tracts natural favorite and it will end up being absorbed first choice. Also taking anything in excess amounts can block another nutrient, an example would be higher zinc intake can block copper, and various other things like that, so it is best to do the daily value of everything and repeat the dose twice a day to keep from preventing absorbing something. Yes doctors do thing lie mass injections of B12, this type of administration is only beneficial to people with known absorption issues on something, it wont help anyone else, it would more likely cause someone else some other nutrient absorption issue. it has been discovered fruit juice promotes fatty liver disease, as fruit juice is only unfermented alcohol, the body convert alcohol to Sugar and then to fat, so it is only missing the first step of converting the alcohol to sugar. the fruit itself being eating is still great for you though.......also eat eggs or if you cannot bear it, then do a low once daily supplement of methionine with your B vitamins, low, 500mg of methionine a day, too much can cause elevated homocysteine especially if any B vitamin is not supplied which is bad for your heart, brain and other organs. THe need for eggs or methionine is to promote the livers natural detoxification process, it is needed to process all the meds you are taking, and molybdenum too, so make sure your trace minerals are covered. Vitamin C and E are very good for the liver, brain and heart since they contain your iron stores and iron is highly reactive to oxygen hence it carries the oxygen in your blood, which can be good for anyone who unknowingly has high iron stores they are unaware nothing in excess of other nutrients they all work together, example if you are anemic all the iron in the world wont help if you are also low on copper, you wont be able to mobilize the iron, take vitamin A at twice the daily value as well,it promotes apoptosis of unhealthy cells. Do not rely on beta carotene alone, there is no way to know if you even convert it to vitamin A very well or not, just because it can be done doesnt mean it is being done. Get healthy fats in your diet, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. the liver can make cholesterol as a substitute if you are low on healthy fats, while undesirable it is a back up and beats nothing.

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