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Re: Noob to this site, parasites.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Noob to this site, parasites.

Lets see what else?.....I take my parasite meds at night before bed when I use them since the majority of parasites are nocturnal...I dont eat heavy and mostly eat things like regular fat cottage cheese with some kefir stirred into it when doing this and I give time for it to have left my upper GI tract before the meds, I dont eat high variety or anything hard to digest aside from the apples and everything is chewed well. Also avoid milk products or high calcium foods, anything calcium since it blocks absorption of everything including other nutrients. whoops, sorry I lied, my enema bag is 2000cc when completely full. I also do my enema a bit differently in attempt to reduce the amount of bacteria getting washed around. I use about 1/4 the bag and go right away, then half what is left and go, then the other half. get everything washed down and out as much as possible before I do the larger amounts in attempt to reach the upper small intestines. and I dont hold the first full amount I go right away then too. The second full amount is the one I I try to raise my hips and get to the liver in attempt to contract and expel anything, then the third and fourth full amounts I massage my abdomen on the third again attempt for contraction and liver expulsion and consider the fourth a quick final rinse. Then replace all water solubles orally, everything, electrolytes, minerals (except iron), Bs and C. I just did my second full amount and expelled a confirmed round worm looking thing which really freaked me out, species unknown. Because that happened after my second day of double dosing my parasite meds I am taking a break and took the 0.2 worth dosage of ivermectin, giving it time to take effect, just in case anything is only being paralyzed and not killed, perhaps I can flush it while still paralyzed if anything else is still in there..?? how gross......
another reason I only plan to do this for 3 weekends is because parasites are a sad fact of life, and they will most likely be back because it is so hard to kill eggs in the environment, so may as well just do good job and repeat yearly or something. I dont believe it is possible to be parasite free for life, its just addressing those who feel they are constantly being reinfected really soon. Many parasite have to be treated similar to someone in the home having scabies or head lice. Clean your home thoroughly, wash everything, everyones bed linens, etc, dry on high heat. treat everyone in the home who is old enough to be treated safely, being extra cautious in children. Personally I would go beyond a double dose of pinworm meds once a week for 3 weeks and maybe some weak nice sour drinks and fiber in young children..?? wear socks at home, I like to use vinegar and pine sol, watch out and make sure the kind you buy does contain pine oil, I mix it about 4:1 vinegar and pine sol......but thats me, not telling anyone else what to do, just sharing info kids like sour drinks and I only let them have them once a year or less, it is sprite or lemonade with a bit of mag citrate, lemon, hint of vinegar...its weak so it is more like a sour candy and they ask for it, and they like green appples I can also get them to drink weak metamucil type laxative if it is only cool water and before it thickens, 4oz to 1-2 tsp. and a straw, I tell them to keep it stirred and suck it down fast, lol.....basically the idea with kids is reduction until they get old enough to be safer to treat better....I never treated mine with anything before the age of 5 since they seemed healthy and didnt have any complaints. I did so after 5 because they seemed really warm to touch at night and tended to grind their teeth, but only used a stronger dose of pyrantel pamoate (OTC pinworms banana flavored) no enemas....time for my final enema flushes....

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