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Re: Noob to this site, parasites.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Noob to this site, parasites.

now I said 0.2mg/kg for systemic treatment even though 0.2 is the correct dose for something like scabies, but that is a mite and not unidentified worms, the 0.4 is to ensure covering systemic unidentified worms, as is the 2 days in a row, to ensure coverage of all possibilities and be done with something as opposed to getting locked into perpetual continuous treatment cycles like I have read so many have done. I didnt want to risk that I just wanted to get it over with. Also double dosage of pyrantel pamoate is supposed to cover some Tapeworms and it is poorly absorbed into the body system, mostly treats the digestive tract. S I did the 0.4mg/kg of ivermectin and the double dose for my weight of pyrantel together, they also promote synergistic activity. I also did a good cleanse using vingegar mixed in drinks and magnesium, etc before hand to reduce anything dying and getting lodged and reduce the work on my liver just in case I had anything blocking. its best to be a bit empty in the upper GI small intestines when doing this. If anything dies and sits there, it increases the odds of overactive immune response or secondary infection. So it is wise to clean out good before parasite cleaning since you have no way of knowing what exactly might be in there. I cannot find my calculations that I used on the ivermectin. Anyways I did tell the calculation that I used. Im still alive and not having any problems of any kind. I also did febendazole twice daily for 3 days before doing the other two. The febendazole is for some worms and any protozoal parasites that could cause problems, did that before the large enemas and also reduces getting c-diff from Antibiotics at the end. Antibiotics do not cause c-diff, you get c-diff from Antibiotics if you are an unknown carrier and then the Antibiotic throws the digestive flora out of balance. Now once you have caused a c-diff infection it is highly contagious to other because it is overgrown, much like staph infections we all carry various forms of staph on our skin naturally and we have an infection when the microbes get out of balance and overgrown.
SO I used.....
1. vinegar and magnesium citrate drinks 3/day/3days, ate 2 green apples a day/3 days, well chewed. (3 tablespoons vinegar/1oz mag citrate/4-6oz sprite or lemonade)....then
2. febendazole at 1,000mg twice a day for 3 days (poorly absorbed from the GI tract)...then
3. triple strength hot tea 3 cups a day on an empty stomach/1 day (tannic acid) can cause nausea and vomiting, vomited x1 and I repeated the drink that came back up.....then the next day
4. ivermectin at 0.4mg/kg and pyrantel at double the OTC pinworm dose, and 2 hours later 600mg clindamycin as precaution repeated all the next day.
5. took all water solubles 1,000cc coffee enema x4 (til I got basically no results) repeated dosing all water solubles
6. (today)getting ready to do coffee enemas again after supporting all water solubles and my nutrition for 24hrs...
.... and I expect to call it done for the week after this. I take an antidepressant and I forgot to take an extra dose after my enemas yesterday so I feel like poo from having flushed it out of my system so I took a double dose today. and will take half a dose after my enemas this time.
I do not have any health diagnosis or allergies so if anyone borrows anything from here please be sure to adjust for your personal health issues. This was my first treatment and will be repeating wkly for a total of 3 weeks and then I will call it done for the year, I really wish I had stuck to flushing my liver once a year after my initial flush experience 5 years ago but I didnt. I also did go ahead and try some ivermectin 5 years ago at the lower calculated dose most people on here use, I had brief severe pain in my right hip, a swelling come up on my left shin and severe pain in my head, had it not been brief, just a few minutes I would have gone to the ER, but I was completely fine after a few minutes so I just went to the doctor in a scheduled appointment, admitted everything I did, they drew some blood and determined everything was fine. I had no pain in treating this time, everything has been perfectly fine. I did have more brief pain with my enema flush this time that seemed to move around in my small intestine and I massged it while I was full of the coffee, it took few tries but I eventually passed something that sounded lie a rock hitting the water and was tempted to fish it and look but I didnt, I just let it go as a blockage that was too large to pass the small intestine without assistance....once I was done with the enemas I was fine, has some discomfort in my upper GI but the clindamycin took care of that so must have had some mild infection or inflammation where everything was stuck up there.
when I repeat for my next 2 weeks I will likely ease off on the prep days to one each but not the amount of meds, etc....I did the prep days with the time I did to ensure I had cut through mucous and the meds could actually get to everything so nothing would have a bunch of gunk to go hide in. and the ivermectin paste looks like it is in some sort of mineral oil or otherwise hard to absorb so I followed it with some hot cocca and 1tbsp of coconut oil in attempt to promote absorption. Then I will probably call it good after 3 treatments I think??
lets see....the horse ivermectin at 91mcg/lb is 22.75mg of ivermectin.....and Im 115lbs (52kg)so 0.4mg is about I took enough for a 250lb horse at once. with a double dose of OTC pyrantel for pinworms.

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