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Gluten as EC trigger
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Published: 7 years ago
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Gluten as EC trigger


if food intolerance is a trigger for EC, in order to eliminate EC, you must eliminate all foods you are intolerant of.

If you are only intolerant of Gluten, and if that intolerance is the only EC trigger, the only reason why someone have EC, elimination of Gluten from diet may naturally eliminate EC.

That is the case for ibringgoodnews (the person who started this thread), and also several other people who replied inside this thread with having similar experience after eliminating all gluten.

The problem is when someone is intolerant of more than just one single food, and in the same time that intolerance is a trigger for EC.

I believe you actually may be the person who falls into that other category.

You write:

"I have been GLUTEN FREE FOR 2 years. I still have this. I never had pain or swollen lips. I think you had something else associated with Gluten."

If I got it right, after 2 years of being GLUTEN FREE you still have EC?

Here are 3 possible logical explanations for your experience:

1. You have never been intolerant of Gluten (not very likely, most people who are gluten free for 2 years do have some form of intolerance ), and Gluten intolerance was never your EC TRIGGER, and because of that, elimination of gluten is not curing or helping your EC.

2. You are gluten intolerant BUT gluten intolerance was not actually EC trigger, and because of that, elimination of gluten is not curing or helping your EC.

3. You are gluten intolerant, and gluten intolerance is actually EC trigger, BUT gluten intolerance is not the ONLY ONE SINGLE trigger or the ONLY ONE SINGLE REASON why you have EC.

Because of that, elimination of gluten is not curing or improving your EC, as you still have some other triggers that you need to eliminate or some other health problems that you need to fix.

You write:

"I think you had something else associated with Gluten."

It sounds as if you got it actually all wrong.

ibringgoodnews , the person who started this thread, actually figured out his EC trigger correctly, and achieved cure, but it is you who still need to figure out what it is you are intolerant of, or what else beside gluten you need to do to fix your EC.

Read messages by longterm, she is gluten intolerant, but that was not enough to fix EC, she also needed some vitamins and minerals in order to fix it, as her intestines have been damaged and she may have problems absorbing vitamins, even when available in her diet.

In other words, your case of EC is far more complicated than ibringgoodnews case.

Please feel free to correct me if my logic and my reasoning is wrong.

I am just having some extra time ...


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