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Re: Dividing Monthly Moxidectin dose into 5 daily doses
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Published: 21 months ago
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Re: Dividing Monthly Moxidectin dose into 5 daily doses

I do not support the idea of a daily dose of Moxi. I support the idea that the active level in the body must be kept above 400ucg/kg.

Let me explain:

The halflife of Moxi is 20 days.

The test data across a whole range of infections had a bell curve like distribution. A few had no reaction, A few had a dramatic fashion, most had some kind of reaction.

For those with nerve and CNS infections, many had bone pain, muscle pain, Brain and Vision fog for several days. We view this as kills in various areas of the body, including the lower back. A little less than half indicated the lower back was better after Moxi.

Dosing ranged from 50ucg/kg/D to 400ucg/D.

Since the med accumulates, I built a spreadsheet and put in my folder. Plots were made for those who used weight as a measured mark. For example when they crossed their weight in 5 days (1/5) dose, by a week they crossed the 600 or 800ucg/kg active level. By the second week many crossed the 1500 or 1600ucg mark.

Several of us (4?) crossed 28-30 days of strait dosing, at small levels. 3 people went to or over 3000ucg/kg active level. There were few side effects after the initial kills weeks earlier.

One person took the dosing prize, doing 3 tubes in 3 weeks, sickness pursued for days. This is the crazy level. But as projected, this level is close to the initial human trials where they took the drug to about 30,000 ucg/kg, a level that makes no sense.

Killing occurs at 400 to 600ucg active level, but a few found that actual worms would die at the 3000 ucg level, a level I would say is the maximum level for use.

There were 2 or 3 people that went to the 6000 or 9000 ucg levels. There was nothing dramatic to report.

Of the testing group, one who used several protocols now reports remission. 3 people report significant improvement due to Moxi, and half a dozen or more report it improved the overall situation.

My Moxi level was 1500 - 1600ucg, and at that level it affords you several months of coverage between doses. When the spreadsheet predicts your active level falls below 400ucg/kg it is time to bump the level up again. I expect 6 months of an active level above 400ucg/kg will assist in breaking the life cycle with few side effects.

I plan on using Moxi to assist in Cyst removal in inaccessible areas of the body. Many report Invermectin and Moxi have an increased kick. I suggest not to exceed one std dose of IVM, in that this is an unverified safe combination.

MMS is a broad spectrum antibiotic, I suspect clearing the GI tract of the parasite leads to its decrease in population. I view Miracle-Mineral-Supplement as a last resort, since there are so many Antibiotics that have much less membrane damage. I myself tested Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , it is very hard to mix and dose, but after that I smelled hydrogen peroxide so I knew it was working and altering the immune system balance. Supplementing nitrogen based acids also assists the immune system in respiration bursts that "" kill microbes and things. Again, it will work for some, but my read is that it has risk that is above many of the more traditional approaches. Accumulated membrane damage should limit the limit and term of dosing. Where these dosing schedule limits are ... I do not know.

Your Moxi Dosing routine seams unique. I simply mix in fruit on the bottom yogurt. Your technique is totally out of the box thinking. The way you place the dose into a fixed dose context controls the impossible to measure moxi. The only way you have any idea of what you have accumulated, it to count days, and look at clicks, and adjust the wheel to some tiny fraction. This is nearly impossible on a daily basis, but on average works ok.

Your approach eliminates all this fiddling, and would produce predictable results. Not sure the amount of your initial dose is high enough. I suspect the bottle should contain some 800ucg/kg to keep your level at or above 400ucg/kg.

Guess I will have to try to simulate that.

At its core, I suspect Dr Klackers protocol works, but in a membrane toxic manner. Chlorine would not be my first choice, but I understand his method, and with use I suspect eventually it may be improved.

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