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The basic CURE for depression!! Re: LEXAPRO WITHDRAWAL IS HORRIBLE deprex vs. lexapro
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Published: 15 years ago
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The basic CURE for depression!! Re: LEXAPRO WITHDRAWAL IS HORRIBLE deprex vs. lexapro

Here's a bit more information to help you on your way to truly CURING your Depression naturally. ALL medicines (natural OR pharmaceutical) that affect the mind and alter the neurotransmitters do not provide a cure for depression...they're only a band-aid. Of course, the pharmaceutical ones are extremely dangerous and toxic to the body, so almost ANY herbal medicine will be a better band-aid until you can CURE the reason you have symptoms of depression. Basically, what we're looking for here is NOT to start spending lots of money, and shoving are bodies full of all different kinds of stuff to give it the neurotransmitters it's lacking, but HEALING our body, so our body can create what it needs for ITSELF!!!

Who amongst us is REALLY smart enough to know just exactly how many of which neurotransmitters each INDIVIDUAL body should be making and utilizing for itself? NOBODY! Only each individual body knows that...AND each individual body WILL heal itself and produce exactly what it needs, when we cleanse it from the zillions of chemical toxins and junk that are stuck in it from living on this planet that's saturated full of chemicals, stop eating food that's grown in chemically sick soil, stop eating the food that has toxic chemicals INTENTIONALLY added...and START getting the nutrition into the body that it needs.

The first place to start? START giving your body the vital nutrition it needs (and make sure your body is able to absorb it)...and STOP adding/giving your body all the toxins that it HAS to work hard to remove - and it HAS to remove them, before it can worry about 'little things' like your neurotransmitters and how you feel mentally.

I have NO idea 'what level' of natural healing you are at, or what level you're ever interested in learning to be at (lol), so if you already know the rest of what I'm about to type, please don't think I'm being insulting. It's just that this stuff is VERY important, and I want to make sure you know it.

Did you know? 75-80% of your body's serotonin is created in the small intestines?

Did you know? All the nutrients from what you eat (and the toxins, of course) are absorbed into your bloodstream for your body to use (or detox itself from) through the intestines? (That, of course, includes the serotonin).

Did you know? That virtually ALL people that have eaten the typical American diet (white flour, white rice, White Sugar , table salt , non-organic produce, food canned in aluminum, chlorinated/fluoridated water, etc) ALL have a layer of rubbery/mucousy junk lining the walls of their colon & intestines. The layer of junk is made up of toxins, putrefied/rotten food and mucous that your body couldn't process or eliminate? And all that good nutrition that you eat (and all that serotonin your body produces) HAS to soak through that layer of toxic, putrefied crap BEFORE it is absorbed into your bloodstream so your body can use it? (This little bit of info was written by Dr. Kelley:

The mucus coats the villi on the wall of the small
Intestine. The villi are like tiny fingers that stick out
from the intestine wall to absorb nutrients from the
digested food, which is primarily liquid.

The mucus on the villi blocks the absorption of nutrients
from the food. Sometimes the mucus gets so thick and tough
it is almost like a plastic film. Almost no nutrition can
get through to the body.

Lol, it doesn't take long to see why we're all so sick, eh?

So, what can you DO about that? First, EDUCATE yourself at the first opportunity, as much as you can! Second, do a complete and thorough colon cleanse...and start giving your body some nutrition it can USE for healing itself! (and I'm not talking over-the-counter weak, useless multi-vitamins, I'm talking REAL nutrition)

#1 Get the nutrition IN with a product like Dr. Schulze s Superfood (there are many, but I prefer Dr. Schulze s). Here's the basic information:

#2. Get the intestines clean so they can absorb that nutrition AND so they can produce the serotonin your body needs! If you're NOT familiar with how colon cleansing affects your body health and depression, PLEASE read the following:
Dr. Richard Schulze 's March 2001 Bowel Newsletter
Journey to the Center of your Colon - t h e d o c t o r w i t h i n

#3. Fish Oil! Ever hear the old saying? "Fish is brain food"? Well it IS. And without Omega Three fats (as found in fish oil) our brains cannot function properly. Most diets are extremely low in Omega 3 Fats (since they can only be obtained from 'oily' fish...which virtually no one eats enough of, and never will, because fish is full of mercury.

My experience: As you know, my mother has had Depression all her life. I have/had been taking antidepressants for 17 years myself, but my 'pharmaceutical toxic combo' always worked for me as long as I took them regularly...but they were just a band-aid, and if I stopped taking them, BAM, back came the crippling depression. GRRR. And that ain't a cure, and I wanted the cure!! Besides, I couldn't use generic Prozac, and the amount of name-brand Prozac I need added up to almost $400 per month. OUCH.

So, I started taking SuperFood daily; I started taking pharmaceutical grade Fish Oil, and I started colon cleansing. AND I wiped my pantry & fridge clean of all toxic foods and toxic oils (it was quite a bonfire!). And we (my husband and myself) started eating LOTS more raw, uncooked organic produce and only foods which our body could USE! And I stopped ALL my pharmaceuticals, entirely (which I don't necessarily recommend, but it's what I did). Within 3-4 weeks I had lost 8 pounds (mainly due to the colon cleanse) and only needed to take 25% of the level of pharmaceuticals I had taken before to stay Depression free...and I felt better than I had in decades! (I am 47). After that absolutely enlightening experience, I started Liver Flushing and purifying our diet even more (cutting out meats, dairy, etc., which we still eat occasionally, but we can tell our bodies don't like us so much when we do, lol).

And poof, the bottles of Prozac & Trazadone are gone from my life...they no longer own me, and never will again! My body KNEW how to heal itself; I just wasn't giving it the fuel it needed to be able to do it!! It was spending all it's time and energy trying to clean itself from all the toxic junk I was eating...but now, my body (and me) ARE LIVING AGAIN! And NO drug or doctor can ever have control of my health or state of mind again! I WIN! I always knew I would!!

There's lot of 'science' that supports this, and what it boils down to is pH balance. Our bodies need to be alkaline; chemical toxins of all kinds, are acid. (This is all 'basically'): Raw foods are alkaline. Cooked foods & meat are acid. The junk that your body has filtered out of your body (that is stored in your liver and colon now) is ACID. If you keep adding to the acid, you'll get sicker and sicker...and you'll die like the average American...riddled with disease, crippled and weak, and taking all KINDS of medicine. If you start removing the acid build-up in your organs and then stop eating the acid toxins and acid producing food, you'll be energetic, healthy and full of energy. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment; neither can all the bad bacteria that we've been told all our life that cause disease. How sure am I? Well, with the help of a little bit of Vitamin C and Echinacea to use as 'band-aids' while we were getting our bodies back into shape...between my husband and myself, we have had only THREE colds and one bout of the flu...IN OVER 10 YEARS!! (and all of those were in the 'early years' and could have been prevented if we would have paid attention to the 'scratchy/sniffles' and given ourselves a bit of assistance before they took hold).

Yes, there are MANY more details one needs to learn and apply before we achieve the ultimate healthy body, and my post just scratches the surface. But I wanted to give you the basics, so you could research, educate yourself and learn the truth...before you started in spending hundreds of dollars on various natural cures, trying to change and adjust your levels of neurotransmitters (and wasting months/years of your time & health) when your body is perfectly capable of doing ALL OF THAT that WITHOUT all the pharmaceutical and herbal band-aids.
Welcome to The Doctor Within

Major blessings!


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