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Re: Possible Toxic Black Mold Exposure from my dorm, what can I do?
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Possible Toxic Black Mold Exposure from my dorm, what can I do?

What if the cause for MS is mold mycotoxin poisoning I think many illness are misdiagnosed. MS symptoms are so similar to mold poisoning . I read it could be viral. Can you imagine living your life misdiagnosed with MS because your MD is not educated in mold illness?

Kris Kristofferson was diagnosed with Alzheimer's he had it for seven years, but a new doctor tested him for Lyme... he tested positive for Lyme! Seven years of his life gone..because he trusted the initial diagnosis and took heavy medication for something he did not have! Great story of famous persons doctors mega dumb mistake.

I was sick for four years altogether. I was given many three different diagnosis which were all false. Took two years until we found a genuis type of doctor that suspected I had mycotoxins illness which is black mold poisoning or sick building illness . My doctor was MD/ND and Chinese medicine doctor, his extensive education in alternative medicine was what made him make a quick diagnosis.

Those air test are waste of money, unless you are hiring the real live expert come in call the CDC and I think Dr. Shoemaker has people listed in his book. Industrial hygienists may be good source

I finally understood that mold is deadly just because you cannot smell it or see it invisible doesn't mean it is not slowly killing you. we lived in a newer house so buyer beware.

Here is what my doctor told us move out of the house and do not contaminate your new environment with your old stuff.

The is what we did I always wear gloves and eye googles. wash all clothes in the wash with two cups of ammonia then do a double rinse, put all clean things in white bags all contaminated things in black bag throw, out all cloth furniture, mattress ect... put papers, pictures, stuff in plastic bin with lids put away in garage or someplace away from you.

This is what we did we first vacuumed all the furniture outside then we wiped it all our furniture with ammonia water mixture

Wiped down the interior of the car and then shampoo the rugs in the car with water ammonia borax detergent mixture I wear eye googles when doing this let my car air dry. If the car keeps make me react I will sell and buy another car
Once you are sensitized to mold that is it you will have it forever, you may also have chemical sensitive's which do die down over time.

25% Of people react to mold and 75% do not react to mold . In the 25% your body does not tag the mold myctotoxin so it keep recirculating increasing your toxicity levels. Greater levels of exposure can cause coma, seizure, heart attack and lung infections, and collapse psychiatric issues serious enough to have you put in ward.

I had sinus issues,
light and sound sensitivity
Movement sensitivity
Car sickness
Blurred vision,
Heart palpitations
Weight loss to 90 lb
Dry heaves
Stiff neck
Aching body
Memory loss,
Balance issue
Shortness of breath
Major brain fog
Headache that felt like my brain was pushing on my skull
Within a year I had muscle atrophy,
I had no strength, not even enough to carry a bag of groceries.
God Blessed me with a loving , supportive helpful family I needed it I could not open my mail or deal with anything. !

We have medical insurance, still spendy to go from doctor to doctor I saw about 65 doctors went to the hospitals/clinic probably over 250 times. How can MD NOT know how to diagnose mold illness?

I had two or three weeks left to live according to my doctor when he diagnosed me I was truly compromised and they were considering putting me on feeding tube, and I was in wheel chair for a few days, because I was so weak.

Cholestraymine, four or five times aday
activated charcoal
coffee enema and charcoal right afterward to bound up whatever the liver was releasing and carry it out of the body

Get on the anti-fungal diet, this starves the mold out of your body. Read Mold Warriors they came up with the diet

The best detox is a real sauna with the hot rocks that you pour water on for steam this is the best it gets really hot, and you sweat a lot. The new infra-red sauna does not work as well because it does not heat up as much and it does not make you sweat as much, to me it is not as powerful in detoxing. My friend agrees with me she has both and we both prefer the regular sauna if your want them to lower the EMF have them wire it so it wired on one side of the room and/or the wiring is dropped from ceiling to the outlet. I also got a biomat because sometimes I could not sit up and it was easier to put cotton sheets on the biomat and throw cotton blankets on top and then I have a sauna effect while sleeping . When I wake up if everything is soaked in sweat I throw it all in hot wash with a little bit of ammonia, borax detergent and do the double rinse. Because mycotoxins and byproduct are coming out of your pores so you do not want to get re-infected

Next my doctor ordered an IV that gets past the blood brain barrier to get this stuff out of your system shakes it off your cells and it is mobilized by a binder it is called,
Cell membrane therapy a colonic or enema is done after this
then take charcoal so all the stuff does not get reabsorbed, it get bond in the charcoal and get carried out

MAH , PC, glutathione IV these IV are spendy, but worth it .
This get the mold out plus brain barrier
here is a MRI that takes volumetric pressure reading of the brain and scan the entire head this is good and it can see if there is mold or lyme in the brain

Got a deep nasal smear ( 5 ENT's missed this) another reason to see an expert
My mold specialized doctor did a deep nasal smear tested positive for MARCONS . This is common with mold exposure

Apparently this must be dealt with if you DO NOT YOU WILL NOT GET WELL because it has set up house in your sinuses breeding and breathing out byproducts that are highly toxic making you sick over and over.I was put on the BEGS spray this stuff will really knock you out it is strong then was checked it again it was clear. Then I got on VIT Spray.

Mold poisoning is serious can be fatal so if mold poisoning is suspected run to a specialist someone that studied with Dr Shoemaker

It took me two years to get well..., Now I'm able to run , work out drive, walk talk and move around like a normal person I can even go on a long car trip and we have our lives back.


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